Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Garage Sale Like No Other!

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ou've never been to a garage sale like this. Seriously. Imagine a sale that you literally want to take everything (including a marble-topped sink) home with you. It was unbelievable. It was essentially a flea market, a department store, a social event...definitely not your typical garage sale. Why, you ask? It was done in grand JunkMarket style!

Yes, it was Sue's garage sale. Sue Whitney is the owner of JunkMarket. She was cleaning out, paring down, making space. And it was a sight to behold.

I went down a day early to help get things set up. I enjoyed every single second of it!! Of course I took lots of photos for you, but there are too many for one post. So get your junking goggles on and enjoy the next several posts chock full of junk photos.

More photos to come!!

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  1. AWESOME is an understatement!!! WOW, wishing I could have been there!!!! We are getting ready for a garage sale in three weeks, not sure it will be anything like this one, but you are giving me some inspiration thou!! Looking forward to seeing more pics, keep up the good work!
    Loved seeing your blog again, sorry for the long hiatius. Trying to set aside at least one post a week dear! :D See you later! Debi xoxo

  2. oh my, that would have been quite the sale! I am drooling on the keyboard!

  3. Wow! Wish I could have been there! Can't wait to see more pics!!!

  4. It's a big WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  5. lucky got to go to Sue Whitney's yard and got to help setup??!!!! I'm swooning and I'm green...that lady has been my junkin' hero for years...her and Ki Nassauer helped me so many times to figure out what to do w/junk I dragged home so it didn't look like junk. Wish I coulda...but I enjoyed the sale!! *elaine*

  6. That is a cool sale. So wish I could get there, I see lots I'd like to buy!

  7. OMGosh....that is the best looking garage sale I have ever seen!! wow wee....I just saw about 4 things I would have snatched right up!! have a lovely weekend~

  8. Not sure which I like more, the junk or the photography!

    Thank you for my friend gift. You know I love it! And the moo cards rock! You inspired me to order more for Warrenton. Wish you were coming! ~Mindy

  9. WOW, looks like fun! Wish we could have been there too! Check out the fabulous renovations we've done with similar pieces. The Gallery shows the dramatic changes : )

  10. Wow, what a place to be!! Lovely photos !!!


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