Thursday, August 27, 2009

In the Spotlight on Today's Creative Blog

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id anyone see the feature on WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie over at Today's Creative Blog? I was last week's "Fabulous Friday Winner" and Kim ended up doing a mini-feature on me and my two blogs. She said some wonderfully nice things about me and some of the projects I've done. Thanks, Kim, for your kind words and your fun post!!

Now, the coolest thing about the giveaway was that I could choose the prize!! Cool, right? Now, see if you can guess which of the four prizes I chose from the Feather Your Nest options!! This should be easy for you!! Visit the original giveaway posting, then come back here and tell me which item you think I picked!!

Think you've got it figured out?


  1. I saw the feature. Yea, you! And honey, that was way too easy. You chose the baskets. Congrats! ~Mindy

  2. You chose #1 hands down.

  3. Congrats to you!!! I don't know, they have great stuff!

  4. Clapping for you being featured! You have amazing ideas for the treasures you find. I say you picked #1 {they made my heart skip a beat}

  5. Congratulations! How awesome!

    I know you chose #1. That's what I would have picked too! Lucky you!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Wow, Amy! Congrats to you. You definitely deserve to be featured. Way to go, girl!


    I'm with the rest. You picked the baskets. My fav, too!

  7. Wire baskets, of course! And congrats on being featured. Atta girl!!

  8. Baby girl, you are on a roll. An interview and a feature all in one week...both wonderful, I might add! You are on one loo loo of a ride and it sure is fun to be a passenger on this crazy ride of yours up the ladder of success!
    Talk to you later toot sweet (That's Texan for real soon!).

  9. Just coming over for a visit. I have changed all of my buttons.
    I have the Knock Off Knock Out party on Mondays and we have a brand new party starting this week. It will be every Wed and featuring Holiday Decor and/or tasty treats. Come on by.

    Its So Very Cheri

  10. No more wire baskets! Wait...I was thinking about wire hangers. Sorry. Anyway, love the wire baskets! I am sure that was your choice! Will I see you in Warrenton for the Fall Show?


  11. Congratulations!!! How cool is that?

    I JUST put up a New post! Come by for a visit and say hi if you get a chance,

  12. Ok. So, we all "guessed". Isn't it your responsibility to "confirm" our collective guess?


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