Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to Get the Look

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hank you to everyone who has left such kind comments about the bedroom makeover! I've received multiple emails and comments asking about the finishes in the room. I'll do my best to answer the questions and be as informative as possible.


To start off, one of the main projects involved the walls. You can see the change in the photos below. On the left is the builder's finish...quarter-inch unpainted drywall with strips at the joints. You often find this type of thin drywall in a trailer home or in a pre-fabricated structure like we have. Every room in our home had these strips and unpainted drywall when we moved in. Room by room, we have been transforming the walls using a standard mud-and-tape application.


We removed the drywall strips and made sure there were no nails remaining. We also removed the trim around the ceiling and the windows. RJNJ took over from there and did the mudding and taping thing. Contrary to what television makeover shows would have you believe, this is not a one-day procedure! Here is a youtube video showing the materials you need and the basic process...

After the mudding and taping, we also textured the walls using a compressor and more mudding compound. After that dried, we then primed and painted. The paint color for the walls and trim is a soft white from Behr called Swiss Coffee. It is available in pre-mixed gallons at Home Depot. I tend to get the satin finish.


We clad the closets in 8" tongue and groove pine boards. We painted them in the same Swiss Coffee color. The closet doors are a set from an old retail store in Duluth, MN. I found them at an antique store in Superior, WI. I bought them shortly after we moved here without really knowing what I would do with them. I just knew they were special! The one door has the brass sliders that hook into the floor and the top of the jamb. The other door has the original in/out sign and brass hardware. 


RJNJ found this great laminate flooring at Menard's. It is from a company called Tarkett. The pattern is Seagrass and the color is Japanese. I love it because it has light, medium, and dark tones in it, which allows us to mix woods easily. I also love it because it appears so seamless in the room. You really don't see the seams, which are often obvious with laminate flooring.

The dhurrie rug is originally from Pottery Barn, but I purchased it on ebay probably five years ago. We used it in our living room in Texas, then our guest bedroom here, and now in our master bedroom.


The bed is new from Pottery Barn. It is from the Farmhouse collection. I've been waiting for them to go on sale forever, and they finally went on sale for a short period this summer!! The timing worked out perfectly!!


The bedding is a combination of Pottery Barn, TJMaxx, and ebay. The duvet and euro shams are from the organic matelasse collection at Pottery Barn. I picked them up on clearance (I want to say like 75-80% off!) over a year ago. The bedspread and sheets are both TJMaxx finds that I've had for several years. The sheers across the top of the bed are Pottery Barn items that I purchased recently on ebay. 

Whew! Does that cover it all? Let me know if you have more questions! We've made more progress in the closets and with the other doors in the room. I've also moved the dresser and replaced it with a new vignette. More posts to come!!

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  1. It is a wonderful redo and should be included in a DIY show. You created magic with a minimum of money and a maximum of creativity! I am very impressed. I am also impressed with your terminology...clad, jamb, sliders! You rock girl!
    I am a TJMaxx fan too! It's best to go in with a fat checkbook 'cause I've been known to "good deal" myself into the poor house there!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It truly is a gorgeous room.

  3. One last question - can you come and help me transform my bedroom into a heaven like yours? lol

    Thanks for sharing! And I agree with "trash talk" - it should be included in a DIY show. How about The DIY Show Off? ;)

    Enjoy the rest of the short work week!


  4. Amy, I think you should be in a magazine! You are so amazingly talented! Love the room redo. The doors are just fab, and the bed is incredible and well worth the wait. I just bought a can of that Swiss Coffee at Home Depot. Love Behr paint! I think I need to come and visit!


  5. It turned out beautiful and so dreamy!

  6. It is all gorgeous! Swiss Coffee is my go to trim paint for my whole house, I also painted my kitchen base cabinets with it. Love it.

  7. Hi Amy.
    Your bedroom is, in fact completely dreamy. My favorites by far are the repurposed closet doors. Oh wait, and the tongue and groove walls. Oh, and the armchair. Oh, then there's the bed. Hmmmmm....... Guess I love it all! ;)



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