Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogging Makes You Lucky!

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logging totally makes you lucky. What do I mean? Well, think about how lucky you are to have the blog friends, the blog inspiration, and the blog fun that surrounds you. I have been blogging for just over a year, which means I have known all of the people mentioned in this post (and you!) for less than that amount of time. And I am so lucky to know each of them! I have realized that bloggers are also a generous bunch of folks. Over the past couple months, I have received many great gifts from these warm-hearted bloggers.


It all started in August, during Oronoco Gold Rush Days. Kathy@Sylvia's Vintage Daughter and Candy@Junk Sophisticate drove all the way from Ohio to join the JunkMarket crew for junking fun in the sun. Kathy surprised me with a fabulous carafe filled with chocolate bars and blocks that spell out A-M-Y. Candy gifted me with a piece from a vintage grinder (fabulous as a tea light candle holder) filled with chocolates (trust me they were there at one time) and a name tag made from scrabble tiles. Ms. Sue@JunkMarket gifted each of us with a fun tag that says "Sterile Normal Saline"...it's hanging on the handle of that carafe. Last, but definitely not least, the Pfarkel Sisters@Junk {re}defined made me smile when they handed me a fabulous bottle of wine with a personalized Pfarkel label...


In early September, I won a giveaway hosted by Beth@Old Tyme Marketplace. What did I win? Chicken poop. Yes, you read that correctly. It's an all-natural lip moisturizer...and it works great!! She also surprised me with this adorable monogrammed toile pillow. Looove it!


In mid-September, I attended Junk Bonanza (yeehaw!) to shop "a bit" and spend some time with my girls, Lani@Cottage Elements and Gretchen@Mimi-Toria's Designs, who had a booth at the show. September was my birthday month, so the girls surprised me with a necklace Gretchen made from a vintage cash register piece.


While at Junk Bonanza, I attended the blog party. My name was drawn as the recipient of this fabulous bag from Heather Bullard. Love her, her designs, and her photography!


Remember waaaay back in the spring when I won the Ugliest Light Fixture contest over on the Junk Camp blog? To be honest, I didn't even know there was a prize involved (apparently I did not read the details!). I was just doing it for fun. When I found out that my idea was chosen as the winner, I also found out that I won a gift certificate from Junk Revolution. I was able to use that gift certificate at Junk Bonanza. Here is what I picked out...


When RJNJ and I made the trip to Texas for a wedding in late September, we were able to spend one day at Texas Antique Weekend. Deb & Danny@Talking Trash surprised me with these fun koozies that proclaim to the world that I am a "Cat Daddy's Kitten." Deb also gifted me with a thoughtful junk item (not shown)...a tie clip with a precious petite camera on it. With all that they have to do for that show, she took the time to pack that heartfelt gift because she knew I was going to be there. Can I tell you how much I admire these thoughtful people? Smile, CD!


While in Texas, we met up with Stan Williams@The Elegant Thrifter, author of The Find. Here he is below doing a book signing at the blog party hosted by Theresa@Garden Antqs Vintage (and her handsome hubby, Cruz...I just love to say that name! Anyone remember Cruz Castillo from the soap Santa Barbara? There's something with that name! Hi, Cruz!). Stan, generous man that he is, gifted me with a copy of The Find. I read it the entire flight home! Normally I sleep on the plane, but I was so enthralled with each page of his book that I just had to keep reading!!

So, tell me...how lucky are you? Have you made blogging friends that you so appreciate? Have you found bloggers that you admire? Have you found blogs that inspire you? Have you won or been gifted some fabulous treasures? Tell me how blogging makes you feel lucky...


  1. How long you got?
    P.S. He is smiling!

  2. What a great post and yes, blogging makes me lucky. I love my blog friendships and I have received so many beautiful gifts over the last couple of years too. Blog friends are some of the best people I "know". :)


  3. I must say...I have won quite a few goodies. You've been raking it in, too! Love Heather's bag! ~Mindy

  4. I agree.... blogging makes me feel lucky too. Inpsiration, friendships and so much fun, t
    you have received some fabulous goodies in blogland!! yippee,

  5. Amy - I love this blogging world and all the friends I've made (they're the best gift of all)! I've gotten some goodies from a few different people/places too (and FYI - I love my street sign!!). Bloggers are so generous with their inspiration - every day -- and the gifting is just a bonus!! :)

    Getting the opportunity to come out to meet my JMS buddies in August was the best time ever!!!! So glad you liked our little gifts (I may have to re-do the name tag though...Ah-mee!)

    Hugs, Kathy

  6. How nice to feature your wonderful gifts! Nice post.

  7. I have met the most wonderful people Blogging! I've been blogging for 2 years (officially... I actually began a weblog years and years ago but just took it public 2 years ago.) Any way, after I began visiting other blogs and leaving comments, I began to receive such nice feedback on my own blog - just knocks me out every time!

    Just recently I received a surprise of gifts from a fellow baker-blogger that just knocked my socks off. I passed on the love by sending some cookie decorating books, (so easy with Amazon.com!) to another blogger who was kind enough to share her cookie decorating tips with me!

    I am SO happy to have found your blog! It's beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing and allowing me to share!


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