Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eye Candy for Junkers

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hat's hot, gooey, and junky all over? Junk Bonanza eye candy, that's what! Who needs trick or treating when you can have junk eye candy handed to you every day? Unlike gobs of Halloween treats, junk candy doesn't add to you waist line or make your dentist mad. Sickeningly sweet and healthy at the same time! Get a heapin' scoopful while it lasts!!


  1. The only thing that seems to shrink around here is our wallets from too many treats! We are such junkoholics and need a rehab soon!

  2. I'm with Trash about the shrinking wallets and my husband would agree about the rehab! LOL! Great pics, though Amy! Can you hear my oohs and aahs?


  3. I love the concrete things that remind me of candle sticks. What are they? Are they still for sale?

  4. Great job on the pictures! Question: Is the image I see on the clock face printed on the clock face itself or a reflection on the glass. Hard to tell in the black and white version. Cool either way!

  5. ... been really busy, but could not wait to stop in here this morning ...
    hot steamy coffee, rain drizzling ☂ and thou!

    ...wish we were neighbors ... i'd have my people call your people and we could compare junk ... I have a barn full!

    let's chat

  6. p.s. hey i know rhubarb reign ... I bought from her 10 years ago when I had a store ... she would stop ... and I'd buy right out of her van.

  7. Oh, those keys have my heart pitter-pattering!

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, Amy.


  8. Fantastic pics!!! LOVE those old skeleton keys!

    :) T

  9. tee hee ... the waistline is remaining the same ... but the walls, the walls are about to burst!!!
    oh, it wouldn't hurt to have one more treat, would it?
    fun and 'tasty' post!

  10. Oooh! Lovely! I adore old skeleton keys. Great find!!


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