Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heywood-Wakefield Twins Move into WhisperWood Cottage

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uess who moved into WhisperWood Cottage! If you read the title, you already know. Not one...but a pair of Heywood-Wakefield chairs. It was love at first sit. Yes, sit. Let me tell you why...

After Junk Bonanza in September, I thought I would head over to visit the ever-brilliant crew for an open house over at Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis. As we lounged and chatted in their store, I found myself perched atop one of the chairs below. I said "Wow! This is actually very comfortable. I wish there were two of them." Lo and behold, another one was available. Finding out they were Heywood-Wakefield was an added bonus.

They looked at me with their big brown puppy dog eyes. I couldn't say no, could I? Could I? No. It would not have been right. I made the commitment to raise them as my very own.

I took them home. They found a favorite spot near the fireplace.

How they love to curl up next to the fire. They wag their tails with glee.

Tanner was helping me with photos that day. He says hi to everyone!...

Would you have adopted these twins? I think they add brilliantly to the loving and eclectic family here at WhisperWood Cottage. Like Tanner, they know how to sit and stay. They hug often and even let you sit on their lap. What can I say? They're cuddlers like we are!


  1. The chairs look great, I think they will be very happy in their new home!! Enjoy :)

  2. But do they "got bananas"? Don't worry Tanner...I love the chairs, but I love you more!

  3. Holy cow! They are amazing. And you know it. Love 'em! And the green drum rocks in a small way. ~Mindy

  4. They're gorgeous. Absolutely perfect in your living room. Congrats on adopting them!

  5. It's like they were made for your room! They fit so perfectly!

  6. I love Heywood Wakefied!!! They are quite a pair, I'm Jealous....but I know they are going to a good home.

  7. They look son great in your room. Some people might not think of putting midcentury in a more traditional , but this works....and quite nicely! Stan

  8. great eye, you could not have picked out a better pair!

  9. Nice!

    But it was awfully hard to pull my eyes away from that frame on the mantel! That thing is to die for!

    Lovely cozy room you've got going on there!


  10. So beautiful Amy!!! Yes, I would have adopted them. When they start misbehaving let me know, I'll take them for awhile and give you a break. Thanks for the tshirt...I LOVE it!!!

  11. Love the new chairs and they look great where you have placed them! Sweet Tanner...I love me some dogs :)

  12. The chairs are the perfect blend of mantle and ceiling. Love it!


  13. It is looking good and you will LOVE it when it is finished...I too just finished "living in the projects" while we put in our fireplace! We did ours ourself, you can too!!!

  14. You are so funny Amy...the twins look wonderful!
    I even think Tanner loves them too~

    everything vintage

  15. Those chairs look right at home in that room. Perfection!


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