Sunday, October 18, 2009

Texas Antique Weekend Fall 2009 & Prayers for Cher

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Cher@The Texas Woman on the right. Get the story below.

ere is a sneak peek of our day at the Texas Antique Weekend fall show. The photos above are some of my faves. The full slideshow is over on the Junkologie blog and is rocking photos of an array of booths and people. The displays were amazing!! And Theresa's blog party was a blast as usual. Of course, I found a few goodies there as well. I'll be posting about my Texas finds and my Junk Bonanza finds as they get incorporated into the cottage. I'm excited to show you all fun stuff.

That last photo is one of my favorites. We were at the blog party hosted by Theresa@Garden Antqs Vintage. Cher@The Texas Woman (right) had recently shaved her hair into a mohawk to prepare for chemo treatments. Along came this woman (left) who had a fun spunky haircut. A photo op was born! Cher is now a few weeks in with chemo treatments for breast cancer and is now rocking a more aero-dynamic hairstyle (translation: bald).

Did you know that Cher was one of the first bloggers to ever visit my blog and leave a comment? I wondered, "Who is this Texas woman that leaves me comments and posts about taxidermied animals and tasteless jokes?" I'll tell you, "Cher is an amazingly clever, talented, and beautiful person!!" Through a combination of blogging and grace, she has become a dear friend. You will love her, too! Please visit Cher, enjoy her creative posts, and leave her some prayers.


  1. Okay, I've seen Cher's beautiful bald head somewhere! Go Cher!
    Amy, I DO have the google reader option...had it all along...jeez. What can I say, I'm a visual girl...just didn't have the visual aid I needed when you were explaining it to me!!
    So good to meet you in person!! Great pics in this post.

  2. As always, beautiful pictures-I love the turquoise ornaments-so pretty! And what a story, about Cheri. I love her perspective and her funny posts. I'll be saying a prayer for her!

  3. I'll say a photo op indeed. What a great photo. She is a Texas Treasure!

  4. Oh, Amy. TY for sharing such a loving write of Cheri ... I'll pop her for a visit.

    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Cher is so awesome!
    I actually bought some of the ornaments from the booth you photographed at Texas Rose.

    What awesome pictures...

  6. Once again, you captured some beautiful images with your camera. Cher. She is a Texas Treasure. For sure! ~Mindy

  7. What a hoot! I'm trying to catch up on blogs and there I am. Wasn't that woman beautiful? Couldn't believe someone with hair an eighth of an inch long could look so great! Thanks for the kind words, dear friend!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous photos Amy!!!
    Happy day.

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