Thursday, October 22, 2009

There's a Hole in the Wall, Dear Liza, Dear Liza!

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o you remember that nice fireplace you saw in the last post? Yes, the one above that provides such a lovely backdrop for my the Heywood-Wakefield twins? is no longer there. The mantel...the fireplace...the wall...all gone. What do I mean? Take a look at what happened last weekend here at WhisperWood Cottage...







A high-efficiency wood burner with a blower that works is on order. We never really used the fireplace much over the past three years, because the blower didn't work and all the heat was lost up the chimney. We plan to keep the cottage nice and toasty this winter with the new unit. The wood framing is still coming out and will be replaced with steel framing to accommodate the dimensions of the new fireplace unit. We are also going to add some storage by building in cabinetry on each side of the fireplace. A television will eventually be mounted above the new mantel.

We are working from a general vision I have, but there is no 100% solid plan. As usual, we are doing all the work ourselves, so we are figuring it out and making it work as we go. RJNJ is pretty brilliant when it comes to measurements, code requirements, and how-to abilities. We try to make all of our projects as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Hmmm...I guess he's more about efficient and I'm more about cost-effective. :) I plan, he makes the plan come to life. It's a system that works!!

Do you do your own projects? Do you have a plan laid out or do fly by the seat of your pants?


  1. Yeah, we want to rip out our stone fireplace as well. It's a perfect place for built-ins and a large screen TV. Someday. I can't wait to see what you do with the hole in the wall.

    By the way, I had to laugh because we used to sing that song when I was a kid and we always thought it was so funny.

  2. So fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry. . . .

    Yep, we mostly do things ourselves around here. My husband likes to have a plan when he's doing something. Me? I fly by the seat of my pants. I do my best work when he's out of town, to tell the truth.

    Glad you're getting a unit that will keep things toasty for you this winter! Oh, and by the way, I LOVE the chairs. What a find!

  3. I can't wait to see it all your new chairs!

  4. I haven't thought of that little song for years and years.... Hope your bucket stays intact and never gets a hole!
    This should be a great transformation for you, adding storage AND staying much warmer on those cold days and nights. Amazing how that surround was just "fake" stone. It would've been a lot more work for you had it been mortared in. Look forward to seeing the finished product.
    :-) Sue

  5. If I came up with a project like that, Cat Daddy would tell me I had a hole in my head!
    But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
    Hey, stop by...I have a little challenge for you.

  6. It sounds like you and RJNJ complement each other perfectly....

    Can't wait to see how your project turns out!

  7. Just when you make us fall in love with the setting, you destroy it! Good thing you have pictures!

    Did you see that Readers Digest mentioned your Heywood-Wakefield twins? Said they are 'hot collectibles."


  8. Ooh, I can't wait to see the result.
    I'm with ya', btw. Warm is good!!


  9. I so relate to your life right now! We are going through our own remodel at the moment. 2 big holes in our walls and more missing drywall in the kitchen. lol. We are keeping our fireplace but totally re-doing the surround and mantel. We too are adding a mount for our flat screen above our fireplace and I haven't quite decided how we will finish it off to hide it until we get I guess we have a plan but fly by the seat of our pants. :) Good luck with your new fireplace it sounds wonderful and can't wait to see what you do with your surround.

    Hugs friend,


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