Monday, November 30, 2009

Fireplace Update

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he fireplace project is coming along. You saw the what the fireplace looked like before and some of the earlier progress, but now the new high-efficiency insert has been installed. Whew! Does that thing heat!! FYI...In the winter, I begin shivering at anything less than 70 degrees. With a toasty fire in this new fireplace, the temperature gets up to the mid-seventies. Oh, bring on the cold, Old Man Winter!

We are adding a pre-built cabinet on either side of the fireplace for added storage of media components, firewood, and display. They still need to undergo a major transformation! You'll have to stay tuned for that.

RJNJ redid all the framing around the fireplace. The next stage is to complete the electrical and media wiring. Eventually there will be a flat screen mounted above, and we still have to pick out a mantel.

I can't wait until the project is finished and all this mess is gone! I want to cuddle up in a comfy chair next to the fire with a good book or a good movie.

Who is bringing the popcorn?


  1. That is going to be beautiful when its all done! Just in time for the cold weather!

  2. Holey moley.... this is an amazing transformation! I can't WAIT to watch this one! the built in is an incredible plan!! Out of stock cabinets. That is cool.

    I was sorry to see the neon orange tape go though. ;)


  3. I don't know about the popcorn, but I know you will LOVE your fireplace. We just finished ours and LOVE it. Originally it was in the house plans when we built 2 1/2 y ears ago, but I didn't know how I would feel not having an entire wall in my living space...I should have done it then...but oh well, we sure love it NOW! I am happy to see your finished project!

  4. I agree with is just the right pop of color! Oh wait, the fire will add the color...never mind!
    You bring the marshmallows and I'll bring the Bailey's.

  5. Oh, it's looking wonderful. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  6. We recently installed a wood stove and I LOVE IT! The house stays nice and toasty. ;-)

  7. We have a wood stove and We connected it to the duct work/thermostat and it's great for heating this old drafty house. Yours is going to look beautiful and will be inspiration for future basement remodel (another room I could have entered in the DIY drama - nightmare!). We'll also be getting an insert for our livingroom so I can't wait to see yours all completed! :)

    Enjoy! :)

  8. This is going to be your favorite spot in the house! Warm, welcoming -- it will be wonderful and as you say, bring on the cold!



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