Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bringing Holiday Cheer to the Dining Room

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've started some holiday/winter decor in the dining room. By default, the large antique harvest table is the centerpiece of the room. It seats 10-12 guests and takes up most of the space. Since we are not hosting any holiday events this year, I'm using some large scale pieces to create a tablescape that won't need to be moved anytime soon.

A column base topped with an aqua and peacock feather tree (found at Goodwill!) are centered on the table.

Additional aqua accessories, nestled in a broken garden urn bring more color to the design.

This cloche-topped pedestal base features a dainty glass tree that I found last summer (another Goodwill find!)

Some silvery glass trees add shimmer and sheen to the winter forest.

The next step is to add some cheer to the chandelier!! Hint: It will likely be similar to last year's chandelier transformation!

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  1. Love those chunks of wood, Amy! What I would give for a table like that...oh and a room big enough to fit it into!

  2. Gorgeous! :) Who would of thought to use a broken urn? You, obviously but WOW! Great idea!

  3. ...and I am hostessing ...soooooooo I'll have to move all my "stuff" that's on the table ......sigh


  4. I love your table. It looks beautiful all dressed up for the holiday!!! You have found some great things at Goodwill.


  5. Wow that is a table to dream about, so I'd better start dreaming of the house to put that table in too.
    Love your tablescape especially the broken urn.

  6. I think I just went to junk heaven. Gorgeous!!!

  7. I love how you take those broken architectural details and incorporate them into your setting. Clean, beautiful and charming. Stan

  8. Oh this is gorgeous & so creative! I'm now a follwer - so excited to read some more!!

  9. I LOVE this post. The table is fabulous but your collection of trees is so unusual and wonderful!

    You have the most gorgeous home ever! Thanks for today's smile. Your place makes me feel happy. :)


  10. You decor is so dramatic and creative! The column base pair with the Goodwill cloche (unbelievable)looks stunning. You did such a great job with this massive table. Well done!

    By the way, I love the look of your blog...it's new isn't it?

  11. The peacock tree has me breathing happy sighs. Swoon.

  12. I'm giggling thinking of the comments my husband might have if I were to bring in a hunk of concrete with rebar sticking out no less into the house to decorate with. :) I love your style, Amy! Kelly


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