Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chandelier Transformation & Silver in the Dining Room

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ike last year, I jazzed up the chandelier with some bayleaf swags from PB. Unlike last year's chandelier transformation, I left off the angel ornaments and instead added a bayleaf kissing ball in the center. I realize this will require leaning over the table to be underneath it, but what the heck...kiss away!! I won't peek!!

Did you notice this one Christmas tree is elevated on a vintage Christmas tree stand? This is same stand that I used as a champagne server in my Elegant Junky Holiday post last December. {Related post: 5 Ways to Repurpose a Christmas Tree Stand over at Junkologie!}

This pair of solid silver candlesticks and the five-piece solid silver coffee & tea set are gracing the tea cart in the corner. Yes, I know, I know...not a coffee drinker, not a tea drinker...why have a tea cart or a coffee/tea set? Heck, I don't really know what to say to that. I guess it's just that the patina is fabulous!! I'm very relaxed in a lot of my decor, but I love some formal details mixed in. Aren't the lines on those candlesticks divine?

One lump or two? Sugar cubes...not coal in your stocking!! Well, I guess that depends if you've been as good as you say you've been this year. I'll call Santa to check the list!!


  1. Beautiful holiday chandelier! Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas.

  2. I swear, when I started readng this, and you started with "Like", I thought you were talking like a valley girl. Like, really! haha I lov the kissing ball. ~Mindy

  3. I love the Bay Leaf ball. What a wonderful and fragrant idea.

  4. Such sweet decor makes me WANT to be good!!!

  5. Amy, this is beautiful!
    But where oh where did you find that
    greyhound in the background on the wall?!?
    I just love it :+D

  6. I don't see a problem with the placement of the kissing ball...I'll be the one dancing on the problem!

  7. absolutely, patina makes everything worth it! Kelly

  8. Beautiful decorations! I have to ask, where did you find the peacock feather tree!? I love it!


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