Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WhisperWood Cottage Kitchen...the BEFORE photos...

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et's take a trip back in time. In 2006 & 2007, we embarked upon a small journey...the makeover of our kitchen at WhisperWood Cottage. I call it a journey because it was done in stages. Unlike home design shows that make the process look so easy and so immediate as their teams of professional rush in to do the work, real DIYers know that renovation takes time. It is fit in between life responsibilities and must fit within a budget.

Ours was not a complete renovation as we kept all the same cabinets, all the same appliances, the same flooring, and the same ceiling. Are you wondering what we actually did? Our makeover consisted of...

STAGE 1...summer/fall 2007
  • replacing the forest green counters with new neutral countertops
  • replacing the stainless steel sink with a white sink
  • replacing the leaky faucet with a new white faucet
  • mudding and taping the drywall, texturing the drywall, painting the walls a creamy white
    These photos were taken after stage 1 had been completed and at the beginning of stage 2...

    NOTE: This is my handy dandy mother-in-law taking charge of the cabinet painting!!

    The reality of STAGE 1...

    When we moved into this home, the kitchen was one of the first things that needed immediate attention. The leaky faucet spewed water at its base whether it was running or not. We had to keep a towel wrapped around the faucet at all times. The countertops were old and grimy. Their forest green color, combined with the dark wood cabinets and pine clad ceiling, made the room too dark and drab. We wondered whether the installers were drunk during construction because the counters were soooo unlevel. A trip (or 10) to Home Depot resulted in a new sink, new faucet, new countertops, and all the other bits and pieces that go along with that stuff. We were off to a good start, but the journey continued!

    Coming up of STAGE 2...January 2007
    • painting cabinets and trim white
    • replacing gold plastic hardware with brushed nickel hardware
    • adding beadboard to the center island
    • adding beadboard to the back of the glass-front upper cabinets
    • adding lights to the glass-front upper cabinets
    • adding crown molding to cabinets
    • installing a new light fixture above the island


    1. Oh, it is looking wonderful so far. I can't wait to see the finished project. I know it will be stunning. Hugs, Marty

    2. Ok. Sooo, is that you with long hair? I'm seeing great results! We both know I am way behind in reading you. I'm gonna see what I can do about that as I sit here. Missed you! ~Mindy

    3. I love before and after photos. These are so much fun and it is always amazing to see the changes along the way. Sea Witch

    4. Hi Amy, My name is Tricia ~ Mrs. Gretchen S. from Mpls made me aware of your website being we are both from Duluth, so I decided to come check it out!!! Sounds like we both have the same love for OLD Junk!!! I’ve had the chance to check your booth out at old town and I’ll keep checking back for goodies I may need!!! Looks like your remolding project is coming along. I’m sure it will be gorgeous just like your master bedroom photos turned out. Looks like you are VERY creative as I love what you did with that old sliding door, how cool!!! At our home too there’s always some remolding that’s going on and yes cost is always a factor, so I’m a one project a year type gal!!! And then there’s all the extra trip s to the hardware store…. Seems like it can never be done with just one trip!!!! Urghh!!!!
      Well have a great day, I’ll keep A~Watching your fun kitchen project!!!


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