Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Just Because Day!

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I had to share my "Just Because" gift with you. You know that holiday...Just Because Day. That's okay...I hadn't heard of either...but I like it!! What a surprise I had this weekend when RJNJ showed up with this striped bag after a trip to "the big city" for an event.

Picture RJNJ and his the mall (a rare feat in itself)...but actually shopping. That image alone makes me smile. When his buddy asked him what the gift was for,...
he answered, "Just because." 
"Just because?" his buddy asked incredulously? 
"That's right," responded RJNJ. "Just because."
That was the official beginning of Just Because Day.

RJNJ picked out this fabulous wristlet for me (Penelope Signature silver and black...if anyone wants to know). Oddly enough, I've been trying to find a wristlet for a while. The funny part is that he didn't know anything about it. He certainly did not know what a wristlet was, but somehow he picked out THE perfect gift!!

This new scarf (Multi Button Ponytail Scarf) can be worn in the hair, around the neck, or to embellish a handbag. That's accessory for an accessory. Necessary? No. But oh so beautiful!

The best part about Just Because Day is that it is totally unexpected! Who doesn't love to be surprised by the one you love? Thanks, RJNJ!!

Do you have a Just Because Day story? Do tell!!


  1. YUM!
    Lucky girl.

    I think I'll leave this post open on the computer... perhaps Hubs will see it. :)

  2. They are lovely gifts, it's so nice and surprising when 1. they do something like that, unprompted, and 2. choose so well for you, it shows they know your taste without realizing!
    Enjoy them, and thanks for the 'Just Because Day' idea, I will be sharing it with all my friends and family (Hubby!)

  3. Lucky ! I am loving Just Because should be a national holiday..lulu

  4. That's awesome! Mindy and I do that, although we've never named it. It's usually small stuff; little "thinking of you" gifts and acts of service. Just the other day she brought me beef jerky "just because" she knows I like it. She's sweet like that!

  5. That's so sweet! My just because things are usually candy or chapstick! He knows how I so so dearly love my chapstick!

  6. Just because means I love you and those are the BEST gifts. No strings attached, no expectations...I'd say he's a keeper....

  7. And Ron's fan club grows even larger. What a guy! Lucky you.

  8. When my sweetie and I met up again...23 years after college and we started dating, I received flowers at work with a card that read, "Happy 8th Tuesday!" :)

  9. Awww! Would you look at that? We both got ourselves some keepers! I love that! ~Mindy

  10. So sweet! Beautiful gifts. I like the 'just because' idea.


  11. How incredibly sweet!! I am sure you are feeling like one very special lady!!



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