Saturday, January 30, 2010

Schoolhouse Light

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eady for another simple light change? You saw how the star light in the photo above transformed my kitchen by changing out the builder's brass fixture. Well,...see that other light above? The one that looks like it belongs in an old schoolhouse? I found it the same day as the star light and the other items you see there. Where was that? The outstanding occasional sale at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, MN.

For the next photo, move your mouse over the image to see the before and after!
(NOTE: If you are viewing this in a reader, you'll have to visit the post to view the effect.)

From grim to prim in 5 minutes. So much better, right? This is in the master of two rooms in the house that has received zero attention (except for this light) since we moved in. I hope that we will be working on this room this summer.

Important to note: There is only one more of those icky little brass lights left in the house...I think. We're picking them off one by one!!

P.S. Shout out to Britt@A Penny Saved who made her own schoolhouse light fixture for $9! Have you seen it? Amazing!!

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If you are a fan of The Lettered Cottage (that should cover pretty much every blogger I know), you saw that I was the lucky duck New Year's Day winner of their True Value Giveaway. I won the hand-picked goodies in the photo at left.

My first project with them involves that fabulous wire frame. It has a home near that glorious antique gesso advertising mirror in the master bedroom makeover.

You'll get to see it in the next post!

(photo credit: The Lettered Cottage)


  1. Love the light and the cabinet! so cute. great set up inside as well..congrats on your win! lulu

  2. Love the lights, I checked out the star light post as well and that looks great too! Amazing how a simple change makes such a dramatic statement.

  3. Hi Amy. Love the light. I am trying very slowly, it seems, but surely to change out all the brass fixtures in my home as well. When I built my house 10 years ago, brass was the thing to get. YUK!! My husband doesn't think this is nearly as important as I do so it will take awhile to get this done. :)

  4. I love how the new light turned out. I have one of those same globes tucked away in a cabinet upstairs. I might just do the same thing with it now. Only I have to figure out where it will be going.

  5. A-M-Y... that is sooo cool!

    I love how you can roll the mouse over the image and you get before!after!before!after!

    That fixture is absolutely perfect for the room!

    Thank you for sharing! I am inspired!

  6. Huge improvement! It's amazing how just one simple change can do so much for a room... It looks great in there with the cabinet and that great sign!

  7. What a difference between the two. It always amazes me how a simple change of lighting or clor or even a piece of furniture can trnsform a room. It looks fantastic. Sea witch

  8. Great light. I love the star light in the kitchen and the school house light in the bathroom is just perfect. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love the new light. I also think it was really cool how when you dragged your mouse over the photo it gave before and after pictures. Nice touch.


  10. Talk about too cool for school...that is a great "light bulb" moment!
    Congrats on the win...can't wait to see what you do next.
    P.S. How about a simple tutorial for the tech challenged on that mousey thing?

  11. It is wonderful in the bathroom. What a great change.


  12. Love the transformation that lighting can do. When I moved into my house, I say all the fixtures were worse than an old Motel by one I've changed them out and it makes all the difference in the feel and warmth of a home. The star is amazing, too.


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