Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Votes are In!

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o, who is it, America? Who did you vote to become the next star of the WhisperWood Cottage blog? Over 60 million people voted. Did your favorite make it? Let's review the audition tapes...

Did contestant #1 wow our judges with her shapely patinaed form and star-studded connection to the Heywood Wakefield twins?

Was contestant #2 able to allow America to see past his rough exterior and value his talent potential?

Or was it contestant #3, with his captivating and mysterious demeanor, who kept the judges and America wanting more?

Let's hear from three randomly-selected judges from our esteemed panel...

Becky@Beyond the Picket Fence, as a mother and fellow junker, who was it that won your heart throughout the auditions?

Ginger@Cottage On Rosewood, new blogger and lover of ironstone, what was your reaction to the contestants?

Last, but not least, let's hear from interior designer and writerLaura@Decor To Adore. Laura, what is your professional take on the situation?

It sounds like our three judges each have very different opinions! So, America, how did you vote? Which lucky contestant is the first WhisperWood Cottage star to make its debut?

Lights, please.

The winner...

and the new star of WhisperWood Cottage is...

WAIT! What's that, Deb?

So eloquently spoken.  :)


  1. Lol, so funny! I missed the post before this one. Shucks! I think you should do them all though. Because I want to see them!

  2. It was funny...I love number one. Just something about it.

  3. You clever took the words right outta my mouth!

  4. You are incredibly clever and cute! The build up~ the anticipation~making us wait!
    Now why do I have a hankering for ketchup? :)

  5. LOL!
    I was hanging on every word.....AUGH!

    Great post. I'll 'stay tuned'. Just gonna run to the fridge for a snacky snack.

  6. Cruel, so cruel. I shudder at your need to keep us in suspense. Going for a cookie now...

  7. I love it! I was hanging on every word too. Thanks..waiting..lulu

  8. I can't take the suspense..... can we hear a drum-roll please???

  9. You should change the name from Whisperwood Cottage to Drama Cottage! Love the post!

  10. Man - I was hoping to know what it was...I'm on pins & needles!!

  11. Do week have to wait until Monday for the final reveal like on the Soaps???

  12. Too funny! I'll be coming back to see who the big winner is! Any way it goes, it will be a great one.

    Happy Weekend,

  13. I was trying to read the post fast so I could see who the winner was. I never did like commercials or waiting. I can't wait to see who the big winner is.



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