Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Voting Lines are Now Open!

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it's up to you to decide...
what will be shown in the next 
WhisperWood Cottage post!?

ith the new seasons of American Idol and The Biggest Loser (it's on as I'm typing this!) gearing up, I thought I'd channel my inner Ryan Seacrest/Cat Deeley/Samantha Harris/Alison Sweeney and offer America the choice on what the next WhisperWood Cottage post will be. If you are not a reality tv watcher and don't recognize those names (is it possible someone does not know who Ryan Seacrest is?), that's okay. Just vote away...

So here are the contestants...

bottle in round shipping crate (guest appearance by the Heywood Wakefield twins!)

guest bathroom makeover (yes, this is a BEFORE photo, smarty pants!)

RJNJ's most recent project (is that a gear I see?)

VOTE NOW using the poll in the sidebar! So, what will it be, America? Do you want to see how each contestant looks today? Cast your vote for the one you want to see first! The voting poll (open until 5:00 pm on Thursday) is at the top of the sidebar!

BONUS! Want to be included in the winning post? Leave a comment saying what you voted for and why. Three commenters will be featured in the post on Friday!


  1. Whoo hoo! Let's go Guest Bath! (applause applause)

  2. Seacrest? Is that a bird? lol Seriously I don't have a TV !!! (I love it by the way!)

    I say a bottle in round shipping crate- could it be a love not in a bottle for Valentines day or maybe you found a genie to go inside- oh if you did can I borrow him for a few days!


  3. Oops that should be love note!

  4. Guest Bath! Guest Bath! I want to see you work your magic so I can be inspired to tackle my own bathrooms :)


  5. I want to see the bottle in a round shipping crate! Why? Because I know where I can get my hands on some of these and your projects always inspire me!

  6. Hello? #1. And you knew I'd say that! That crate appears to be something I would like for you to bring me the next time you come to Texas. And besides that, I want to see The Twins. Bring on The Twins! ~Mindy

  7. I'm going to vote for Contestant #2.

  8. I voted for the bathroom because it has the most potential to blow me away with it's fabulousness!

  9. Bathroom! I want to see your makeover! I recently repainted and redecorated our 1/2 bath and I want to see yours! (No new sink/vanity for me though...but I am still contemplating painting mine-but that's another blog for another day).


  10. I voted for contestant #2. How can you say no to porcelain?

  11. I voted to see the bathroom! I love room makeovers!!! cant wait to see whatever one wins! I bet they are all great!

  12. I really don't understand why I have to pick one...you know I don't like to think too hard!
    If you're going to force me...then I want to see THE MAN and his gear project! Any opportunity to see a man in a toolbelt is reason enough for me!!!
    I know the drill...you'll announce the winner...right after the commercial break! Right?

  13. Contestant 1 - water bottle

    Love the colors and textures and the words on the wood. Must see more!!!

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  14. Can I text my vote in?

    I vote bathroom!!!

  15. I VOTE for the LU....Wow that faucet is so small. Can't wait to see what you would do with that bathroom..lulu

  16. I can't resist a good makeover so it is the bathroom for me. Bring it on!
    And I actually didn't know any of the names you mentioned but then I don't live in the US.

  17. Wow, looks like I'm in the minority here. I'm used to it.

  18. This was a tough one. Each one is intriguing. Hopefully, you will eventually show each one. The bottle looks to provide so much texture and the gear, well, it's amazing what you folks do with gears. Anywho, I voted for the bathroom because let's face it, the magic and drama lie with the before and afters. So all right already, bring on the bathroom!
    P.S. I have just decided to begin my own blog journey and I follow yours religiously. Always great great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. It makes ya look at junk in a whole new way.

  19. I vote for number 2, the bathroom makeover. I love whole room makeovers, and my bathroom is needing some work, so it would be great to get some more ideas!

  20. I vote for the gear! Why? Because I am in a stage where I love anything metal & rusty - I want to see what you did with it!

  21. I've vowed not to get caught up in the hoop-la this season ...altho, I do adore Ryan and his humor ... I'm sure he adlibs.

    Casting my vote for the crate and barrel ...er bottle

  22. Oh I adore a good DIY makeover and being able to capture anything in a bottle has got to be good but I think I would like to ahem, shift gears.
    This is something really fresh, new, unexpected. So please post it~ my own pocket watch is ticking in anticipation.

  23. They are all alluring, but I have the same sink (in acqua!) and faucet, so I'm going to go with the bathroom. I, too, hope you will eventually show them all.

    Barbara H.

  24. I really loved all of them and it was so hard to choose. I chose the bathroom because I am also tackling mine and would love some inspiration.


  25. My vote is for contestant #1. Why? Not sure but I like the picture.

  26. Guest bathroom !! Need to overdose on other peoples bathrooms so that I can make decisions for my own in the coming month. The only problem is that in the UK I think our electrical 'rules' mean that many american lighting solutions just can't be done here and what I can find available in the UK just aren't as nice.
    Sad but true


  27. I voted for the bathroom because I have to see THAT of course I want to see all 3 but number 1 would be a close contender and what n honor it would be to be mentioned in a post.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on the girly girl room. Would you be shocked if I told you I designed my wedding dress and sewed every bead and sequin on by hand--I really did.
    pick me pick me

  28. Ooooooo - can't wait to see what wins! I voted for the bathroom.


  29. Hello!

    I wandered over from Moonlight Hollow's blog! I love your place! It's so inspiring and beautiful.

    I'm going to go with number one, just because I love the old crate and bottle. Then again....contestant three looks intriguing!

    Nice to "meet" you!


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