Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wire Frame & Antique Advertising Mirror in Master Bedroom

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n the last post, I mentioned that I had won a giveaway from Layla@The Lettered Cottage. My super fabulous prizes include the bag, wire frame, and stone candle holders at the left. Today's posts features that wire frame and one of the junking finds I showed you a few posts antique gesso advertising mirror. They have come together into a vignette in the newly renovated master bedroom (I still cringe at the before photos!!).

You can see that I've changed the white bedding out for some green and ivory for the winter months. it adds a bit of warmth to the room. With that change, the antique gesso advertising mirror seemed like it found a home above the desk. It replaced the shell mirror that was previously there.

Here is the morning sun as it says hello...

I love catching the sun flare in my photos...

Here is that fabulous wire frame that Layla sent me. It is the perfect place to feature the artistic endeavors of a favorite princess of mine. I love the pop of color! The wool from Home Goods, the other from TJMaxx...are actually (Are you ready for this?) toys. Ha! Yes, it's true! I absolutely adore them.

I love the texture and patina of the frame on this mirror. Even the mirror itself has so much character! The soft blue of the hydrangeas seems to work well in the vignette.

The lamp is another TJMaxx find from years ago. The lampshade is a recent purchase...from Target.

A view from the master bath...


  1. Amy, can I just tell you this is beautiful? I love the mirror, I LOVE the desk, I can't believe I love the dog toys and I especially love the art work. This is a great great area. I think I need to learn to simplify. What a statement it makes...

  2. I really like the pretty little vignette you've created (and how you've captured it in your photos). The little frame is perfect!

  3. You just have the best-ever photos... I wish I could bring them all up at one time and just drool!

    Thank you for sharing; have a good week!

  4. The wire frame for changing out art is the best. Where can we obtain one? Sea Witch

  5. Simply beautiful. The mirror is stunning!

  6. soooo nice. just absolutely lovely. I'll have a sit please :)

  7. The mirror is stunning! I love the color and the printing it just too fabulous.

  8. I love the mirror too! You're one lucky lady to win all of that. I am having a big giveaway coming up! You should enter when the post goes up.
    Hope you're having a great week,


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