Saturday, February 6, 2010

From Zero to Toasty in 30 Seconds or Less...Reflections on a Vintage Toaster

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This is seriously the easiest project ever. It's so simple that it doesn't really need instructions. I'll add some commentary just for fun!

Along with the grapevine spheres that I picked up at Goodwill, I also found this defunct $2 vintage toaster. No cord, a bit rusty, and all metal...just up my alley!

So, what to do with it? Here's the 30-second breakdown...
Stare at it questioningly...4 seconds
Walk to office...5 seconds
Grab magnetic clip from desk...3 seconds
Rummage through cards...10 seconds
Attach clip to card...2 seconds
Walk back to toaster...5 seconds
Stick magnetic clip to toaster...1 second
TOTAL TIME...30 seconds
Okay, okay, it might actually have taken a little bit more time. But it was 2 minutes max! 

This toaster became an easy way to feature a favorite quote of mine. It fits perfectly nestled up to RJNJ's most recent gear lamp. Even the sun stopped by to check it out...

I have another vintage find that I will share with you soon. See that Harris Woolens box on the top of the barrister's bookcase? Wait until you see inside!

While this project is über simple, I just realized that the message displayed is actually quite powerful. It only has two words..."question everything"... but that phrase means a lot. I view questioning as the key to critical thinking and self awareness. In my big-girl job and in my life, these values are at the core of what I do and who I am. Displaying this simple quote on this crazy little toaster (instead of being stored away) will be a great reminder to continually keep an open mind to new ideas and personal growth (something else I value greatly).

Who knew junking could be so inspiring?!

So, do you question everything? Anything? Nothing at all?

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  1. You never cease to amaze me :) And you have such good luck at Goodwill! or perhaps just a good eye :)

  2. Trying, at this point in my life, to be open to everything....questioning our perception is healthy, me thinks....smiles.

  3. Was it clean when you found it...did you have to polish much did you have to pay for it...don't you just love the old did you ever think of this?
    Is that what you mean?
    P.S. Good words to live by. That's how we grow.

  4. Love this, Amy! And so gosh darn simple. Hello? Also love the lamp, the photography the quote. You just rocked everything!


  5. I do question everything (love that quote). Right now I'm questioning if these lamps are for sale. What a perfect gift idea for my Dad. I'd say we could make one ourselves, but let's get real here :).

  6. What a neat idea. Girl, you have a creative mind. I'm still thinking about that table of yours. I love it...

  7. You are so stinking creative!!

    Do I question anything? Let me just answer by saying, I didn't spend the majority of my time in Catholic school in Sister Mary Immaculate's office for no reason.

  8. LOVE the quote!!! The way I have lived my live. However, as a school principal, I didn't always appreciate those who followed in my footsteps! :)

  9. Just found your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I'm a follower :-)
    Baby I'm On My Way

  10. This is great!! I also love the quote :)

  11. I love the old toaster, but I love the quote even more. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I love all the photos attributed to you on Houzz! So pretty!

    Kat :)

  12. Amazing! I am glad you questioned buying that and found a purpose for it.

  13. That lamp is the coolest! I just have to know. do the gears all still turn, or are they permanently fixed?

    Inquiring mind wants to know...

  14. You are really good at thinking outside the box. The quote on the toaster is brilliant.

  15. That is an awesome piece! I love utilitarian things that can be used in a decorative way. Very quirky and fun!

  16. Yep. Question everything. Don't fall into the P/R stride that's the downfall of U.S.

  17. Ahhh... this is one of my fav pieces of yours Amy. I LOVE how unexpected yet perfect it is. :)



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