Friday, March 19, 2010

Chaos at the Cottage

Pin It People often comment how my house is so clean. Well, truth be told, I clean up before taking photos just like I would clean up before company comes over. In reality, we have the normal messes that everyone else does. As you might guess, we also have a revolving list of DIY projects.

Today, I thought I'd show you the chaos that is WhisperWood Cottage. As usual, we have renovation happening. Remember how our fireplace used to look? It was replaced last fall with a new energy-efficient fireplace insert. However, it has looked liked this for about about 5 months now...

And our hallway. You can see how it normally looks by clicking here, but the photo below shows how it looks today...

Let's not forget the guest bath. I posted about its original renovation process a while ago. It was time for a change in there, so here is the change in progress...

Chaos everywhere! DIY renovations take time. In between work and life, you fit it in when you can. What does Tanner think about all this?

He seems a a bit overwhelmed. I understand, because I often have the same reaction when seeing all this mess. I've tried to train him to use the vacuum, but he hasn't quite gotten the knack of it. Tanner, how about some help here?

Um, Tanner?

Any chaos at your house?


  1. are a breath of fresh air....LOVE that you shared the reality of renovation. I had to get over the chaos and just dive in this Winter. Everything else fell to pieces- the laundry, the cleaning, the organization. But now the kitchen and the art room are done...and I am on to the next bathroom and the laundry room. I have to keep plowing ahead before Summer kicks in!

  2. Lots for me. I started painting my horrible master bath in a color called orange sherbet, and it looks sherbet. I've become disgusted with the color, and my bathroom has been barely functional all week. Luckily I've become inspired by the Behr color Dried Sea Grass, and I'm ready to get started tomorrow!!!

  3. THank goodness your house isn't totally perfect!! THat only means there IS hope for me yet! ;)
    I would love to see a pic of the outside of your home- My guess is that since the inside is so creative with bits of vintage and 'junk' the outside is probably just as adorable!
    Tanner is so cute just sitting there!

  4. The better question would be when is there "not" chaos at my house!! But hey, I'll come hang out in your beautiful chaos anytime, and I'll even help Tanner learn to vacuum! ;)

    Kat :)

  5. Oh Amy,
    Tonight at a b-day party. My neighbor told me when she wants to know what and the goings on at my house she calls her best friend (my across the street neighbor). It has been a real riot here lately. So we are the talk of the "hood". We have outside chaos! Inside is a big YIKES! your house is fab!
    smiles, alice

  6. Always something going on around here, and not always the home renovation kind! But we're, I mean I, am going to be re-painting our master this week-that's chaos enough for me!

  7. I am in the middle of stripping wallpaper in my DR and will then be painting that room and my kitchen. I can't wait for the finished product, but like you, it may take awhile. I have to do it in between teaching the kiddos and all the other life demands. Luckily, I am in no real big hurry. Also lucky that my children like to go in and help strip the paper when they have time.

  8. Always chaos... except, not necessarily awesome diy projects like you have going on. Although, at times I'll pretend... "Oh, excuse our mess, we've got projects going on."
    I lie. :)

  9. I've often thought how funny it would be to pan right when taking a photo to show the heaps of stuff I've moved just out of the camera frame!

    And our dog Lucy fails to pitch in. She says it's because she doesn't have any thumbs...yeah, the old 'no thumbs' excuse. ; ) Trina

  10. The chaos is non-stop. And it's refreshing to know I'm not alone! If one room is clean, organized, and means I piled everything in the next room so I could take pictures! HA


  11. I love how you opened your home to us! Thank you for sharing..My home often looks the same with DIY projects..But, one rule is we clean as we go..! ~lulu

  12. You can't make an omelette without first breaking some eggs!
    P.S. Tanner looks so funny nekkid!

  13. Chaos reigns at my house too! I have several projects in the works; not to mention the every day clutter that happens!!
    Your fireplace area is going to be awesome!! And seeing you hallway gives me hope! LOL!!

  14. Oh yes big time chaos. And sadly it isn't even because of DIY projects. That is good chaos. Our chaos is just from not using the vacuum enough. So again (I wrote basically the same thing over at FunkyJunk) I'd better shut this laptop and get on with it. (but first I want to go through the rest of my reader.....)

  15. Chaos at my house...NEVER! Ha! I have 3 kids ages 23mos, 4yrs, and yeah, there's always chaos and mess over here. My obsessive, perfectionist nature tries constantly to manage it but somehow the same mess keeps showing its ugly face. My poor dining room used to have furniture in it and was fairly organized. However, I sold the furniture a month or two ago to make room for a farm table and chairs that I have yet to find and now the room is filled with clutter...boxes, bins, clothing, projects, my husbands work gear and computer, toys, etc. It's an overwhelming mess that I keep saying I'm going to tackle but instead I walk by 500 times a day and just ~sigh~. So, it's nice to see that everyone has their "rooms" that need help or "projects" that need finishing! Have a great weekend!

    MomTog Diaries

  16. Love that you posted this! Like you, we have a million projects going on at my house all the time! Our house is in constant disorder, but when I feature it on my blog, I am scrambling to clean up and make it look nice.

    The reality is, renovations are messy (but oh so much fun!)

  17. What? Chaos at MY house? Are you kidding? Never.

    *cough BS cough*

    I'm a nanny and due to the locations of the various schools I drive the kids to, it makes more sense for me to watch the kids at my house; plus I'm packing things up for the move; and I've got a pile of boxes of things I'm selling on eBay towering up to the ceiling in my dining room. Right now my home is a sea of toys, cracker crumbs, boxes, boxes and more boxes.

    Dang. I need to do some cleaning before Scope gets here on Thursday.


  18. Oh yes, a bit of chaos here...Mr. VS decided to remove a window (it's a long story) so now there's big gaping hole (he's outside sawing as we speak). Anyhow, hate the mess but usually the end result is well worth it.


  19. Um...yes, everywhere! Unfortunately doing work in one room means that every other room gets affected too -- we're still trying to put things back together from our kitchen re-do! Kitchen furniture was in the living room, cabinets & dishes & small appliances in the dining room, and food and more dishes and pots n' pans in the guest room! Plus, all of the other rooms got coated in drywall dust and were just generally neglected while we spent all of our energy just on the kitchen! Golly, I'm tired just thinking about my house's chaos!! :) LOL!!! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

  20. Oh Thank God I thought I was the only one on earth that's house was a mess. You've made me feel human again. LOL.

  21. I live in chaos these days! We have sooo many projects going on at once right now, that it's hard think straight!
    ☺ Celeste

  22. Hahaha. Loved this post. MOstly because its exactly what my house looks like. We've been refinishing our dining room table for about...uh...3 or so months now! Projects everywhere! if only we can finish one then start another! It just doesn't happen like that though!

  23. Oh yes...there's chaos over here too...ladders...patched walls...paint's of chaos.

  24. Yea!, yea!, yea!... I can't wait to see the chaos in its intended form! Your renovations are always lovely!

  25. It seems that chaos is in the air. Maybe it is a sign of spring and speaking of spring,today was so beautiful here. The problems was that we have so many chaotic projects going that we didn't get to enjoy as much of it as we would have liked to but i was wonderful having the windows open. I can hardly wait o see your finished project!

  26. Um, I would say that you were at my house when you took those, except that I don't see any short people throwing toys at you while you document the mess. LOL.
    Happy weekend, girlie.


  27. Amy,
    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has several projects going, waiting, and stalled all at the same time! Thanks for making me feel better. haha
    I love the "reality" of your post...and your brave soul to bare it all.
    ~judi ;)

  28. This past week has been my spring break. Lots of chaos abounds around here as we've rearranged furniture (again) sorted things, redecorated from Valentine's to spring, started some projects, finished others . . . my brother is coming through town tomorrow so I'm hoping to at least get some things straightened up after work tomorrow. :) Kelly

  29. Any chaos at my house? Is there any other way to live??


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