Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Decorator's Version of Health Care Reform

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It was touch and go for a while, but a medical miracle saved this chaotic corner using a vintage medical cabinet...

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Thankfully, the corner was able to be resuscitated!
Here was the procedure...

I found this cabinet at last year's Junk Bonanza. It was being sold by one of my favorite vendors...Cammie@Daffadowndilly's. It was missing one of the beveled glass windows, but that didn't stop me! A simple call to my favorite glass doctor took care of that!

One of my favorite features of this cabinet is the glass on the side. This is the view coming from the kitchen into the living room. I love her, scars and all!

It features glass shelves inside. Transplant pieces from around the cottage gave some life to the cabinet. I stayed with neutral tones and blues...

Remember my $6.00 vintage paper mache dog?...

I found a genetic match...his identical twin...on eBay a day after that post...

This painting is one of my favorites. I love the scene and the colors. A small trophy and a set of pewter cups add to the mix. No gown needed to cover up these babies!

Quack! This vintage duck decoy is a great piece of nostalgia. And the vintage chalk holder is too cool for school! {pun intended!} Strange instruments for a typical operating room to be sure, but there are no complaints from the patient!

I grabbed these two mirrors out of a display in the master bath. The telescoping mirror in the back is fab-U-lous! That was a find at Junk Bonanza two years ago. The smaller mirror is a 10-cent garage sale find!! Perfect for showing all angles during the procedure!

It was touch and go for a while, 
but the corner is out of ICU and just like new! 

Definitely health care reform I can handle. Thank you, vintage medical cabinet!! The doctor is in!...or out! Uh...whatever.

The heirloom clock in the photos above.

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  1. Amy, I love your cabinet, looks like you found the perfect spot for it. I love the glass on the sides too. It is beautiful in all it's chippy goodness. Smiles, Marla

  2. Wow! What an awesome cabinet - I'm in love...it would go perfect in my home! The side view is just perfect - great job also with the accessorizing. Now I'm on the hunt for a chalk holder. I never knew there was such a thing.
    It really does look perfect right there.
    Sarah :)

  3. Love love love it!~ I would really love to have old chippy pieces here, but hubs is afraid of the baby touching it.... I told him we could seal it, but it's a no-go... Until then, I will have to just sit over here and drool over your stuff!!
    I would absolutely love to find a stool like that- where do you think I could find one?

  4. Amy,
    That is just perfect! Glad it made it out of ICU! Thank goodness!!!
    smiles, alice

  5. That cabinet is awesome! Your corner really does look fantastic! :)


  6. cabinet is great - glad that you left the peely paint. the chalk holder brought back a flood of memories - haven't seen one of those in years! If I remember, it was for cursive writing exercises as well as drawing lines for music class - even back then, a multi-purpose tool!

  7. Amy, that is a lovely cabinet and looks just right there! I found you through Regan's blog and am liking what I see here. I'll be back!

  8. I love what you did with that medical cabinet! Its perfect and so are the vignettes! ~lulu

  9. Gorgeous cabinet and fantastic corner transformation! Love it.

  10. Love your cabinet and all you have done with it.

  11. That cabinet is so lovely and I love your 'surgical' instruments! I am glad that corner survived to life happily ever after.

  12. I am in love with this cabinet. No, seriously, in love.

  13. So fun to follow your passions and so very inspirational !!

  14. What a wonderful find. I would probably turn down something that was missing a piece of glass, but you make a good point! I know a good glass person in town, so why should a missing piece of glass stop me?! Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. I liked the "moving the mouse" on the picture to change it. Nice way to see before & after. I also loved the dogs on your display. All very nice.

  16. Wow! Love it! So gorgeous (and what a difference!)

  17. Can I just say AMAZING? I just love your eye for the quirky items. As a teacher, I immediately honed in on that chalk holder. We had to search for one years ago so that my daughter could play school with it. Ours wouldn't be antique, but I'll bet I could antique it.

    Again,I love love love your eye for detail and your taste!!

  18. Love love love that cabinet! Jealous!!!

  19. I LOVE your cabinet! And I really like the lamp that sits on top of it. Such detail! Oh, and I wanted to let you know that you were featured in one of my "inspire me" blogs. Feel free to check it out anytime! http://framefanatic.blogspot.com/2010/03/inspire-me-canopy-beds.html

  20. Love the cabinet and love how you displayed it, great find!

  21. That cabinet is fantastic...what a great piece! I do love the glass on the sides too. Perfection in that corner.
    504 Main

  22. That chippy cupboard is wonderful! It's perfect for your corner. ♥

  23. Love this health care reform. So glad to hear that it is out of ICU and recovering well.

    Love that cabinet and all the touches you added. Just perfect.


  24. Oh my-
    This is awesome.
    I love the side glass too.

    I enjoy visiting your blog so much-

    White Spray Paint

  25. This is fantastic. Especially happy to see the chalk holder. As a music teacher I always wanted one of those and finally ended up getting one from a retired music teacher. It hadn't occurred to me to display it now. I'm excited!! I'll have to bring it home from school (where I don't have a chalkboard, only dry erase!) Kelly

    p.s. just read your interview from 2009 I think on Stan's blog. Don't even know how I found it but it was fun! Kelly

    p.p.s. thanks again for telling me more about your table. My husband is in the process of building a dining room table for us now! Alas, this one is not to have drawers and be the completely wonderful one of our dreams but it is going to be neat and fit this stage of our life and budget, still living in an apartment and getting ready to welcome a new baby.

  26. What a wonderful transformation! thank you for sharing it! smiles.

  27. The glass on the sides would have sold me as well! She's a gorgeous lady that I'm sure could tell us some stories! You've certainly done her design justice...I LOVe what you've done~!

  28. I have a few questions. I live in a mobile home myself. We have been remodeling it for several years. I was wondering how your pine ceilings were done. I know they were already up when you purchased the place, but I was wondering if you could tell how they were installed. Also what exactly is the track and pulley system on your barn door in your bedroom called? Where would I even be able to come across a system like that? Thanks in advance! Your home is truly beautiful and inspiring! =)

  29. I'm still fascinated that you can see both the before and after picture....I just learned to do links so I'm sure I am years away fro learning this trick....and the cabinet is great...

  30. What a GREAT cabinet! You have inspire me to STOP passing up those pieces I find that are missing glass!

    I LOVE the lab stool too! I've been looking for one for years! Please feel free to let me know if you come across a spare you're willing to part with!

    Bravo, you! Well done!

  31. There's just something about that chippy white paint! Love where you put the cabinet. Everything looks great as usual! Jackie

  32. This was one wonderful makeover! I love your cabinet! Now I want to know how you can move the mouse over the photo and see the before and after! That was so wonderful! I'd love to know how!

  33. Very pretty.

    With the cabinet being close to a window, be careful with the mirrors and how you angle them. I had a mirror on a table and when the light hit it in a specific way it shone onto my wing back chair arm and started a fire. I got to it earlier enough that the burn is only about 2 inches in diameter ... but thankfully I was home!!!

  34. I LOVE IT. I used to pass one by everyday in the maintenance part of the school where I worked. It was originally in the nurse's station, but was replaced with modern shelving. It was just dusty and forgotten...I soo wanted to steal, I mean borrow it! Lezlee
    (Great tip, about the fire hazard!)

  35. Your cabinet looks so good right there with all your little special finds.
    Like they were meant to be together!

  36. hehe...what a great addition to your corner!

    : )

    Julie M.

  37. Oh, Amy...be still my heart. I just love your style. It's everything that's fun and beautiful rolled into one. You strike such a great balance of using the old, the odd, the off-cast in a way that is a pleasure to look at. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  38. That cabinet is an amazing piece! I love how it looks in that corner and all of the special pieces you have displayed in there. It's definitely the cure for the tacky curio with "collectibles" from HSN.

  39. That was an amazing transformation! The corner looks fabulous.



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