Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage Maritime Float as a Door Stop

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On a recent junking excursion, I came across a pair of these antique aluminum fishing floats...on sale! They are about 8" tall and still have some netting attached. The perfect maritime accessory!

The photo above shows the entry to our master bedroom. I like to have some kind of doorstop for this door because it tends to blow shut for some reason. Enter...one of the fishing floats.

How's that for 10-second decorating?

The weathered grey tones fit perfectly with the accessories recently added on this long wall and the area rug.

Sometimes, it is the simplest of things that can add character to a space. Do you have something simple that you've done recently?


See the recent wall accessories project here. (DID YOU VOTE YET? Open through March 5, 2010.)
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  1. Oh, those are gorgeous and my kind of accessory, unique, vintage, and just plain cool! I recently found some old bowling duck pins that I have displayed on the hutch in our kitchen, but those floats are way better!

    Kat :)

  2. Oh yes my dear... little things can make all the difference. I love that float...

  3. That looks great. What a great eye and sense of creativity you have, my friend.

    I did vote!!

  4. What a wonderful find! Love the texture. I love the little things. One simple thing I did was redo an old ladder hanging in our kitchen. It had been used as a shelf for picture frames. Now we've added cork board covered in my old homecoming dress. It's subtle, and become a wonderful place to post pictures in my computer area.

  5. These are unique--I love that they are aluminum. I have a tall candlestick they'd look perfect on.

  6. Love the shading and the size of those. I recently brushed my hair...does that count as a simple,little redo?

  7. Love it! I've never seen any like that, they're too awesome!! I actually like how the rope is partially worn, it gives such character! :)

  8. Love the floats and really love your bedroom! Great pictures too!

  9. your room looks amazing! i can't wait to go back and look at the whole room! thank you so much for visiting, i love your find! susan

  10. Again! You find the most amazing things when thrifting. I love that ball! And great thinking to use it as a door stopper.

  11. Oh I love these - they are fabulous! I also want that greyhound on the wall - badly! Looks fabulous as always :)

  12. I agree that the simpliest touch can leave the biggest impression - love your door stop! I recently took the two freestanding iron trellis from my garden and put then on the top shelf of the bookcase in the dining room - with three grapevine balls! right up your alley!
    thanks for the inspiration
    amy - fourcornersdesign.net

  13. We just put up new lights in my kitchen today. I am SO pleased!!! It's super bright and now I can really see what a disaster everything is, but one project at a time...that's what I keep telling myself.

    Love your doorstop. Your entire room is filled with lots of character. It's beautiful.

  14. I just love your master bedroom. You have added just right touch in your accessorizing. What is the flooring in your master.
    I am working on a room right now. I posted it for comments. I want to keep it light, like your room. Do you ever think about the trim, matching the rest of the house. I would greatly appreciate your input.

    Thanks and have a blessed week.

  15. Love the floats! They go great with the rest of your room.


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