Thursday, April 1, 2010

Capturing Time

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Don't you wish you could capture time once in awhile?

You know...

go back...

go forward...

make those good times last a little longer...

 or those tough times a little shorter?

Do you ever wish you could capture...

a moment,...

a feeling,...

that extra-special something,...

or an experience that has changed or could change you forever?

I think we do that more often than not through...

our memories,...

our photos,...

our stories,...

our art,...

our humor,...

our dance,...

our music,...

our food,...

our fashion,...

our style,...

our decor,...

and even our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

These are all things that...

express who we are...

and who we want to be.

While they do not capture time itself...

they reflect the significance of the past...

and possibilities for the future.

So what about you?

How do you capture time,...

express yourself,...

or honor the past, present, and future?

What moments or feelings have you've captured in your own special way?


  1. right now I wish I could stop time and have Spring stay longer than it will. We'll be in the hot hot times soon down here in TX. But for now, it's beautiful.
    Spring please linger!!!

  2. I use photos to capture moments, but nothing can transport me back to another time and place the way music can!

    Kat :)

  3. Mental image captured today... my son's toes in the cold sand of the sandbox. Warm, spring sun warming his back and a tiny giggle escaping from him!

    Beautiful post my friend!

  4. Let's see... probably photos are my number one way, but I also journal. Music can take me back easily too, and so can fragrances... or even odors for that matter.

    I can be transported back in time ENTIRELY too easily for my own good, actually.

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful post! I have to say photographs keep so many precious moments and times fresh in my mind. I'll now sit and ponder awhile about your post. Thank you for sharing.


  6. That clock is gorgeous. Love the scene on the front. I guess like everyone else most of time is captured through pictures and videos, but also in our mind as long as we don't lose that.

  7. I LOVE this post! I talk about this with my husband quite often. Smells can bring me back to a moment...I have no idea why...but there is something about how I associate a coconut smell with a certain vacation we went on, or the smell of pool water makes me think of a trip to Disneyworld. It is the strangest thing! All happy memories, but for some reason my mind captures moments through my nose! HA!

    And music, of course. I can hear a song over and over and it will instantly bring me back to high school!

    And I apologize, it was a crazy week, so I didn't get your fan out yet. I will get it out Saturday, I promise!!


  8. Oh your back, I was wondering where you hat got to.
    And as for you questions well, time and I aren't always good friends. He doesn't seem to understand me, but I keep working on the relationship because when we two are 'off' it is my fault as well. I always struggle to be in the present, because I tend to dwell on the past and live in the future.

  9. I capture time and moments with my art. It evolves. It ebbs and flows. And music can take me places as well.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Beautiful post, love that clock. The pieces I surround myself with usually have some meaning which take me back in time. Love the cabinet and stool, you have some incredible pieces, if only they could share their story.

  11. Love this post! I keep a notebook about each of my kids & we write down the funny things they say or big things they do. Reading through it takes me right back to those moments. If only I could keep them small forever!!

  12. I have always wished for the ability to time travel. Just to revisit a moment in time. I think us lovers of vintage feel this strongly which is why we collect the things we do. Of course, along with sight, scent and sound can bring fabulous memories rushing back. Photos, objects and memories are my time keepers.

  13. Try this- think of a word, any word will do. For example the word "cars". Now spend five or ten minutes thinking of all the things in your life related to "cars". The cars you owned, the cars you rode in, anything you can remember about cars.
    It will take you to memories you hadn't thought of in years.

  14. That's a beautiful clock! And a great post! One of the things I love about photography is being able to capture a moment in time to share with others. If, through a picture, I can help someone "experience" it the way I did, so much the better.

  15. Making time to sit and reminisce-I can sometimes take myself back to a strong memory that I can almost smell or taste. My blog stories can do that too. The song keeps buzzing in my head-I must do an art piece on it--"time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future"
    Have a happy Easter weekend!

  16. lovely post - I remember certain times/events/people/experiences by the vignettes I create at my home- interesting compositions that speak in many ways. My art collages do the same thing - images presented in interesting combinations bring forth different memories from each observer.

  17. Hello
    Just found you and I love this post...what a wonderful thought so gracefully said. Thank you for a special moment of thought.

  18. capturing it in my online journal has been so great.....but truly - my moments are captured in my journal i keep in my pocket and on my bedside table.........there is something to be said about pencil to paper - taking things slowly - or expressing myself with needle and thread - those things are how I capture it -

    what a beautiful post this is! I saw you over at Ki's blog - and so glad I did!

  19. My time is here, now, letting your words settle in ,giving my self this moment in time to allow the beauty of the written word to bring joy,healing and peace. Because once I post this, it will be in the past. None of us knows what the future holds for us...this is the only time that matters...Thank you for sharing your time with us and your gift of beautiful words ..

  20. Photography is my resource....and it always surprises me...smiles.

  21. I have been trying to capture more moments on camera. Special moments as well as the every day.

    I am working on putting all our pictures in photo albums and savoring all the sweet moments.


  22. Beautiful post....really beautiful clock...I look at old black and white pictures from when I was a child....makes me feel happy...

  23. Great post Amy! Can you ship the swivel metal chippy stool to me??? It matches 2 I have at our cabin that we use at our breakfast bar. I think it's the stool we need for Emily. lol :) Then we'd have 3. JK
    I capture memories through photos, my blog and creating my jewelry as well as sitting down and talking about memories of the past with famiy and friends.

  24. Beautiful post Amy. I wish I had been able to blog when my children were small. It's a wonderful way to hold onto memories with photos and journal entries. I have so many memories tucked away and it only takes a little thing to bring them flooding back, but I worry some day it won't be as easy.

  25. Your photos never cease to AMAZE and INSPIRE me Amy!!

  26. What a lovely post and great comments. I'm the same as Mary, a scent can remind me of something or someone immediately.

    I keep my thoughts and memories in a gratitude journal, I've been doing it for over 15 years and it's priceless to me. From time to time I will spend time browsing and I always close the book smiling. Love your blog!

  27. Beautiful post! I try to take pictures to capture moments. And I started blogging as a way to journal family events.


  28. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Come check it out!

  29. It's been pretty quiet round the WhisperWood Cottage lately. You must be very busy getting ready for big spring shows. See you at AA/JMS!

  30. so funny i was thinking about this a bit yesterday. i was rushing around feeling frantic about life. and it dawned on me that it was totally self imposed. i soemtiems forget that i have a lot more control than i think about the pace of my life. so i decided today to try and remember to make the best of more of my "moments". i'm usually pretty good about it, but i forget every once in a while!


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