Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Corner Hutches for the Dining Room

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I've mentioned here and there about a change in the dining room. It all started with an innocent search on Craig's list. Okay, it wasn't that innocent. I knew what I was searching for. But with Craig's List, it's generally fewer hits and many more misses. You know the rules of the game though...if you don't search, you'll never know! Well my search for "corner hutches" came up with a hit! Perfect for my dining room. 

This is what the dining room looked like...

BEFORE...hooks and lanterns in each corner...

DURING...items removed from corners...

AFTER...vintage corner hutches in place...

LEFT SIDE...before, during, and after...


RIGHT SIDE...before, during, and after...




What I like about the hutches is that they add tons of extra display above and storage below. They are currently just set in place. Until they are attached to the wall, it is unsafe to put much of anything in them. If you open the top or bottom door, the weight pulls the hutch away from the wall. 

We will need to remove the trim, place the hutches, attach them to the wall, and then cut and replace the trim. I also need to adjust the drapery rods by bringing them in away from the hutches.

Anyone come across any great Craig's List finds lately?


  1. They are the perfect finishing touch to an already incredible space! Love it.

  2. Though I like the idea of corner hutches, they have always seemed out of place - UNTIL NOW! Those hutches are perfect for your space - Amy, you have the perfect eye for knowing what works!
    And though I have never scored on Craigslist, I have gotten rid of some fabulous stuff for a ridiculous price on it...

  3. Awesome finds!! I like how simple they are- just the right details in just the right places- Your dining room is beautiful!

    P.s. Im just dying to see the outside of your home!!!

  4. I love great finds on Craigslist! These are incredible finds and they fit your room perfectly!! I love how it transformed the space and added that extra something it needed. Great job!! I am going on a little hunt on Craigslist soon...have to wait until I have more money to spend or then I will be anxious it will be gone before I can buy I wait...just a few more days. ;) Hugs to you!


  5. No great finds here, but I love the look that these give your room! The built in cabinets have always been a favorite thing about old homes to me.You added a beautiful touch to the corners of your room. I really like it!

  6. Oh I love them!! What a great addition to your dining room. Expands the space and increases the height of the ceiling! Fabulous! I have never shopped Craig's List. Must give it a go!

  7. Oh, girl! Did you ever score!!!! The last thing we bought through Craig's List was our cargo trailer. Love it!

    Happy hunting,

  8. Wow, they are so perfect in that room! Did you find them like that or did you paint them quick? I love CL and I usually have good luck! I found a buffet for the DR. It is currently a glossy white, not sure if I will paint if or not! I just love your home!

  9. I just adore those corner cabinets, they really make your room. Lovely, so pretty!

  10. That was a wonderful score! I love corner hutches. I'd love to find some like that. They give your dining room a cozy feeling.

  11. wow, this is beautiful. looks like it should be a in pottery barn catalog :)

  12. The corner hutches are gorgeous! I have found a few good things on craigslist, but I don't live close enough to a major metropolitan area for it to be really helpful. :(

  13. I never seem to have any luck with Craigslist, but I am loving your corner hutches!!! Great find, & they look fabulous in your dining room! :)

  14. You are right about hits and misses. Those look great your room is big enough where they add interest but (obviously) don't overwhelm the room.

  15. These corner hutches are the finishing touches for your room, Amy! Your diligence certainly paid off and I'm sure they will be fantastic when filled with all your pretties.
    :-) Sue

  16. My friend, these look great in those corners. What a great addition. Lovin Craigslist for you...

  17. You are one lucky girl. Not one, but two that match.

  18. Love the corner hutches. They look amazing.


  19. The hutches add so much to the room! Gotta love Craigslist :)

  20. Those look awesome in your room, like they were made for it! I have never had any luck buying on Craigslist but I have sold a few things.


  21. What a great find. I don't see many deal here. These look so fabulous. And I love you ceilings :)

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  23. I love your hutches!! Ana white has a building plan for a corner hutch, and that is going to be one of our very first projects of 2011. I think I will stain it a dark rich brown, and paint the beadboard in the back white, so that the dishes will stand out. Can't wait! I hope our corner hutch looks as good as yours!! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!


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