Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bathroom Storage Using an Antique Item

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I love using vintage and antique items in new ways. It is a constant creative challenge that involves knowing your space, dedicating time to finding unique pieces, seeing potential in items, often waiting for the right time and place for a piece, and eventually finding a location and purpose for it.

Remember a while back when I found this great antique chamber pot? Love the curvaceous lines and the wood handle! This was one of those pieces that I knew had potential even if I didn't have a specific spot or purpose for it. With our recent guest bath mini makeover, it found a new home and job. Do you see it on the floor there?

Well, with the small size of this room and the extremely limited storage, I thought the chamber pot would serve as a great place to store extra toilet paper rolls. Two rolls fit in there perfectly! 


I know what you're thinking. A chamber pot in the bathroom? Trust me...the humor of using it in the bathroom is not lost on me. :)

Did you see the whole guest bath mini makeover reveal? If not, click here!

Do you have any clever storage solutions in your bathroom? Do tell!


  1. I am using a "slop jar" that was in DH's family as a trash can in our bathroom. Love it as it is so easy to scrub out (it's enamalware).

  2. Oh my goodness, I just found your blog today and have fallen in love with your style and cottage!

    I'm your newest follower! I look forward to more visits :)

  3. Clever, indeed! And what a pristine piece! Very nice. That bath kicks major booty. For sure. ~Mindy

  4. I must have been traveling while you were doing this very pretty update. First, that's the prettiest chamberpot I have ever seen and I'm green with envy. Favorite part aside from said pot? The beehives! Brilliant.

  5. Very nice idea. If you like it then put it to good use. I love using my vintage things every day.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  6. Wonderful use for that chamber pot!

  7. What you have done is lovely.....I use baskets with lids for feminine products, and open baskets for TP....smiles.

  8. I gotta find me one of those! That is a very pretty toilet paper holder.

  9. Since I live in a 1902 house, there is very limited storage of a built-in nature. I have a large antique laundry basket that holds all the toilet paper in the master bath. I take off all the packaging so you just have this full basket of 20 rolls - the white rolls against the weathered rattan is a great textural element.
    amy of four corners design

  10. Very cute idea and how appropriate! :)

  11. I think it's a great use of the chamber pot, and very fitting! I agree with you that it has beautiful lines.

    I don't suppose using my soup tureen to store junk which gravitates to my counter counts very much, does it?

  12. Looks great and work great too!

  13. Now that is clever and very funny! I love it!

  14. Great idea! And if you want to play a joke on your guests, fill it with corn cobs!

  15. Great Idea!!! I have mine stored, I'm going to pull it out.. hugs ~lynne~

  16. Lovely chamber pot. I have my great grandmother's. No top, looks like a giant coffee mug with a handle. It's in the black hutch in the back hallway - nice and clean, hasn't been used in years, but people make funny faces when they realize what it is!

    You can see it in the last picture here, just above the coffeemaker:

    In our powder room, I have a vintage wooden Chinese rice scooper for a wastebasket. I also use an old wooden water bucket (with handle) for dog toys next to the great room FP.

    I store kitchen utensils in a vintage divided ale box and use some sort of primitve open (tool?) box for napkins, salt and pepper at the table.

    Here's a post I did on those items.. Hope it's okay to link them in a post - not something I usually do.

    Love your blog.

  17. Holy Cow is that a wasps nest over the loo? Nothing says "hurry up" like a wasps nest above your head!!

  18. I use a wire egg basket for extra
    toilet paper


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