Thursday, June 10, 2010

WhisperWood Wish List: Medical Mayhem

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you the find of the century. The disturbing part? It's not mine. That's right. {tears streaming down my face} This medical cabinet does not belong to me. Oh, it should, but it does not. 

And to put it simply...I'm jealous. I admit it. The cabriolet legs, the zinc top, the attached mirror, the rustic white patina...perfectly placed in this corner with the wood floors and white trim. What's not to love?

So, who does this beauty belong to? This lucky, happy blogger here...

bella: Farm Chicks Find

It's on the official WhisperWood Cottage Wish List, so let me know if you have a spare one!


  1. Oh I am also envious of this piece!!

  2. It is gorgeous!! I am in love as well!

  3. Hi Amy
    Thanks for the link!
    It is gorgeous , isn't it? The minute I saw it I knew right where it was going and what I was gonna sell to pay for it! :0)
    I didn't get her name but some sweet gal from Junk Market was at Farm Chicks. I think it was her daughter ( maybe ?) purchased a ladder from me.
    Anyways I'd love to come shopping your way. Junk Market looks like fun.

  4. Gorgeous piece!! I love anything with cabriolet legs though.

  5. I feel your pain! That is fabulous! Theresa

  6. OMG, that is a wonderful piece, just awesome! Wish it were mine too!


  7. I'm so jealous, I think I have tears coming down also!

  8. Oh, how could any one person be so lucky???
    ☺ Celeste

  9. And you just HAD to show us that? Man. It's a beauty, for sure! ~Mindy

  10. I'll make sure that the next one goes to you!

  11. I have one, nanny, nanny, nanny!! But mine is missing the mirror!

  12. That is the coolest cabinet ever! I love metal and chippy paint. I had a booth as a first time vendor...I never got to leave. I did my booth in recycled cardboard...amazing response, everyone loved it. Can't wait for next year.

  13. Incredibly beautiful. Just boasting it's history and untold stories.....Can't you just picture the dr's office it once graced?

    Gorgeous piece for sure!

    Hugs ~


  14. That is very cool! I'm jealous, too. :)

  15. I'm crying for you and for me too. That is an awesome piece! My SIL has a HUGE cabinet (light turquoise) from a dentist's office. I live 4000 miles away and across an ocean or you can bet I'd sneak in my brother's house one night and grab it. It would be a problem getting it back here to the islands, but it really is something. lol Following you now. Pam @ Sallygoodin


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