Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh, Oh, That Loving Feeling

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Do any of you ever have that feeling that a space in your home isn't quite right? That it is just "off" in some way? You're not quite sure how to put your finger on it, but you just know that something needs to be changed, fixed, rearranged, etc. Do you know that feeling? Maybe it's a feng shui energy thing. Maybe it's a visual gut instinct thing. Whatever it is, I've learned to trust it in myself.

It gets really challenging when the design of one space is dependent upon the finishing of another space. Case in point: our fireplace makeover. Since we moved into the cottage, we've known that we were going to eventually put the tv over the fireplace...someday...when the fireplace was replaced and remodeled. Well, years later (patience is a virtue, thank you very much!), it has finally happened. The fireplace makeover is done and the tv is now in its rightful place.

Over the past many years, however, the placement of the tv was a bit awkward. The only other logical place for it was on this long wall...right as you walk in the front door. As we don't use the front door all that often, it was not such a big deal as far as practicality of use. However, it just never felt quite right.

As we began the fireplace renovation last fall, I was sooooo ready to move the tv off this wall. As the months of the fireplace renovation went on and on...and on, the not-quite-rightness of the space grew and grew....and grew. I wanted to change it NOW! So much for patience, right?

As soon as possible, I cleared the offending tv, furniture, and decor from this wall and reveled at the blank slate. Finally, the offensive not-quite-right decor was on the outs! It felt so liberating! The sun actually shone brighter and the birds chirped more loudly. {seriously!}


Now, what to bring in and make it right...hmmmm. I started by bringing in my $40 garage sale armoire from the guest bedroom to serve as the anchor for this space. Then I pulled some pieces from around the house and the even the deck to add some oomph to this space.

Here's a little background on each of the pieces:
  • Armoire: garage sale find from a couple years ago, only $40! It was originally in the master bedroom (before the bedroom makeover), then the guest bedroom, and now here.
  • Woven suitcase: a family heirloom. I have a great black-and-white photo of my great aunt embarking from an airplane carrying this suitcase on her trip to Panama. It still has the original travel tag.
  • Two button chairs: picked up at the 2009 Junk Bonanza.
  • Artwork: by an artist named Justine Pawelski. "The Calling" (left) and "Reaching Purple" (right) are two of four works that I have of hers. While she didn't not intend it, each of her pieces has a very spiritual component to them.
  • Footed vase: one of two Waterford Crystal vases found at TJMaxx.
  • Hydrangea: found at an estate sale for a quarter.

With this mix of pieces, I finally feel like this space went from "just off" to "right on." Oh, I'm sure it will change as all spaces 'round these parts tend to change quite frequently. It's only a matter of time. In fact, I've been thinking those art pieces are little "heavy" for the summer season. Hmmm. For now, however, it is giving me enough of that loving feeling...oh, oh, that loving feeling...{Did you catch that reference? If not, your Top Gun repertoire needs a little tweaking!!}

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  1. I know exactly what you mean Amy! In fact, I have a similar post I've got in my drafts that discusses if a decorator's place is EVER done. :)

    Love those crusty chairs! Such an interesting feature! And as always, your photos are totally inspiring. Thanks for today's eye candy.


  2. Don't that just drive you nuts?? I can't stop until its fixed!!

  3. LOL! I know exactly what you mean, Amy! I just recently had "issues" with the top of the bookcases in my study and didn't know what changes needed to be made. Usually, I'm finding out, it just needs simplifying! Love what you did here - and what a complete treasure that suitcase is! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  4. I have that feeling all the time. It drives me crazy. I just have to walk away sometimes and hope something comes to me to fix it.

  5. Love those chairs!! I think your space looks great.

    And, I'm with you, I love to change things up often. Keeps me from getting bored...

  6. That looks great! I especially love those little chairs.

  7. Yes, yes I feel the love. That space is looking so good. I adore those chairs. Should we have a bet how long it will stay this way. Maybe not I might have lost already :-)

  8. Oh yes, I know what you are talking about, it's so true!! Oh my, those chairs are absolutely awesome and oh so perfect!


  9. Amy the space looks BRILLIANT & I LOVE the way you put this post together with 'teasers' of the pieces used....!!

    I think visiting your place would be like 'coming home'....Does that make sense.... :o) ??

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  10. How beautiful your gathering of all together to create such a romantic elegant room.

    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. You are so right! That "off" feeling is so frustrating. Especially if you know you can't fix it immediately because of time, money or inspiration!
    Thank you for the inspiration!!! Great job!

  12. A little off to...perfection! I am loving the whole vignette! The armoire, the chairs, the basket...everything;)!


  13. I love your thought process Amy, when you see that light at the end of the tunnel, you can't get to it quickly enough!! Unfortunately, my whole house feels wrong! It has never felt like home, just a temporary dwelling... for 5 years!! I am saving all my creative homey ideas for my next house... 11 days till this one is sold yay! Then a trip around Australia... then I will find us a 'Home'.... You always inspire me, so I'm storing it all up.
    I like the way you have it now... the chairs are gorgeous!
    Flick x

  14. Like the process and I love the "new" space!

  15. You amaze me... you've got it girl! The space feels right to me! :)

  16. This is just beautiful. I love how you showed the transformation. Everything is just lovely and it really feels like you are welcome in this spot.


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