Sunday, July 18, 2010

Room For Rent

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Guest room for rent! Okay, not really, but who doesn't love this framed vintage sign? The typography of it caught my eye a few weeks back at the Elko Trader's Market

Are you totally diggin' that phone number? Definitely before cell phones! I thought the sign would be the perfect whimsical welcome to friends and family who will be staying in our guest room.

I used some removable adhesive strips to attach the frame to the door. That way I don't damage the frame or the door. They are my new favorite thing for hanging artwork!

The other items that you see? Also bargains and thrift finds!

  • Bergere chair with tulip upholstery: garage sale
  • PB linen pillow with seashells: either store clearance or ebay
  • French striped linen neck pillow: flea market
  • Industrial fan blade: Second Hand Rose occasional sale
  • Tulip canvas painting: Goodwill
Have I told you how much I love junking, thrifting, antiquing, flea marketing, garage sale-ing? Oh, I have? Okay, just making sure.



  1. Ooooo, I do LOVE the sign. What a find. thanks for sharing the change! Makes a great conversation piece and love your treasure hunt deals...

  2. that sign is awesome! and i remember the days where one could dial 5 numbers to make a local call. now you have to dial all 11 numbers just to make a local call!!!!

  3. I as well love your your sign! What a find, and a wonderful throwback to a time before.

  4. oh drat...when i saw that sign i was really hoping to rent your guest room! who wouldn't want to stay at your house?! what if i said, "pretty please"?

    i really do love all your finds, you pulled that room together so nicely, as always. ;) love the vintage lettering and phone number on the sign too.

  5. Great sign! I need one since our home will probably REALLY be for rent soon.

    The entire room is so welcoming. And, I love those adhesive strips, too.

  6. Super cute idea. Maybe if I put one on the future nursery, it will give me some luck?

  7. ....hahahahaha....Indeed you have Amy but I for one will never tire of 'hearing' you say it.... :o) !!

    Of course I LOVE your new sign....Very SPECIAL....We don't seem to have a lot of signage down here so they will certianly be HIGH up on my shopping list the Junk Bonanza....!!!

    Happy HAPPY Junking to you....!

    Tamarah :o)

  8. Love the color on it! Isn't it funny how the phone numbers where so short?? Weird...

    I use those hooks all the time, those and 'monkey' hooks (or hurcules hooks) which only leave a tiny hole to spakle- and they hold so much weight!

  9. I love that sign!! That is very cute :)

  10. Great find in that sign. I can see why you love it. Hope you'll stop by and see my garden project. Jane F.

  11. I love the sign - I wonder if I could make a knock-off..hmmm. Can you hear the wheels turning? Thanks for sharing & I'm following now. Great blog & beautiful home!! Jen-SheEndeavors

  12. That sign is perfect...I love it! And the chair is fabulous!!!!!!

  13. The sign is good, (I remember when phone numbers started with letters) but the artwork from GW - magnificent!

  14. Oh, I just love that sign! You found a perfect place for it.

  15. I love that sign, and the way you're using it for a guest bedroom. The charm, quality, and craftsmanship of old signage never fails to grab me.

  16. Great place for that sign! Must bring a smile to the face of your guests.
    And I am digging those removable adhesives too, works well with my 'don't drill holes in my walls' guy.

  17. LOVE the sign...I helped set up an estate sale that is opening on Friday...and it was full of old signs like this. Here's hoping I can scoop them all up as soon as they open! ;o)

    Did you see my giveaway today! Of not, hop over there and get your name in! ;o)


  18. Love the sign! Love the room!
    Fantastic how it all came together!
    I enjoyed how you explained
    where everything came from!
    I love the thrift stores and
    Flea Markets. Some of my favorite
    things came from the thrift!

    Flora Doora


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