Monday, July 26, 2010

Tours Start Here: The Garden & Grounds of Glensheen

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Ready to tour the WhisperWood Cottage garden & grounds?

Pah-lease! What you are about to see is sooo not my yard and/or garden! The only thing I can do with plants and flowers is to photograph them. Nature makes the best models! Now, I hope you'll join me for a stroll. I'll tell you a bit later where we are...

Let's head this way toward the Flower Garden...

Some stately pines welcome you.

This shack? Just the gardener's cottage.

Come on up! Enjoy the blooms!

So where are these lovely grounds? They surround the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, MN. RJNJ and I toured it with his parents this past weekend. Now, let's take a look at the actual mansion...

It's right this way...

Ta da! 39 nine rooms of ta-da to be exact!

Stunning architecture!

Now what is around through this gate?

It's the fountain! That body of water through the trees is Lake Superior.

The lake side of the house...

Many people have their weddings here.

Oh, there is more to see! They wouldn't let us take any photos of the interior of the home, but I have some fun beach shots to show you. We'll head down the path to the Boathouse and Pier...


  1. It's a beautiful place, inside and out. I toured there in 2003. Too bad about it's history though.
    Thanks for sending the pics of the gardens.

  2. Beautiful.....and your!

    Many years back I stayed at the B & B next that called "The Mansion?" Very enjoyable. Duluth is so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful grounds! Don't you just wish...oh I do.

  4. The son-in-law did it in the stairway with a candlestick.

    (I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

  5. Oh.....I thought for sure it was your back yard....?


    Beautiful photos and a fun tour!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  6. Wowzers!! This place is beautiful!! And your flower pics are awesome!!!

  7. Oh my ~ that fountain...with the view...and that sky...all of it stunning!!! Thanks for the tour. Have a great day ~ Rebecca

  8. My mom made my sister and I go on more than one tour through Glensheen when we were kids, and I thought it was soooo lame and boring. But isn't it funny - now I'd love to tour it again! Maybe I'll even take my girls when they get older and continue the tradition ;)

  9. Your photos are (always) stunning! What a beautiful day you had!


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