Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Autumn Golds in the Master Bedroom

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I don't know about the weather in your neck of the woods, but it feels like autumn here in northern Minnesota. We went from 90s and humid to low 70s and windy overnight. From shorts and tank tops to jeans and long sleeves. It has inspired me to start thinking about the fall and all that it has to offer.

When I think autumn, I think warm tones...especially golds, reds, and rich jewel tones. This year, I am especially feeling the gold. Probably due to this 7-foot golden goddess of a frame, which actually lived in an art in a museum before coming to WhisperWood Cottage. Such history! Such stories to tell! It is perfectly patinaed and chippy. 

I have to tell you...when I initially saw the frame, it was love at first sight. In my mind's eye, I saw it here. In this space. Framing a mirror and reflecting light around the room. And here it is. {sigh}

Inspired by the golden frame, I remembered a pair of gold-painted chairs I found last year. They had been hibernating in the garage...waiting for the day when they were called into action. One of them nestles up perfectly with the gold framed mirror. 

A scavenger hunt though my garage (a veritable treasure trove of who-knows-what-you'll-find) yielded this religious piece of art. I thought I had sold it long ago. Thankfully, I hadn't. The jewel tones, warm wood, and chipped texture are perfect here. It captures something special that I just can't explain.

I tried to keep the whole vignette warm and simple. Enough to draw the eye but not to make you wonder. From a design sense, it bounces the light around the room and adds weight to this long wall. From a practical sense, we use the chair to put on our shoes and the mirror to make sure everything is tucked in before leaving the house. And then there is the most important "I just love it all, so it works" sense. It just makes me smile.

There have been some additional updates to the master bedroom. You can see the reflection of one of them in the mirror below. Can you tell what it says? More to come...

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  1. That frame and chair are amazing.
    I do love gold, especially if it is aged and dull.

    Your posts are always a treat for the eyes,

    White Spray Paint

  2. Beautiful mirror!! Even better that it has so much history! I love the chair beside it as well.

    It is very pleasant in Michigan too! I can't wait for fall, it is my favorite season!!

  3. Oh my, what a gorgeous mirror. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. The mirror is absolutely amazing...gorgeous!! I also love the gold chair and painting. No Fall here in Virginia yet. We still have temps in the high 90s. xo, Sherry

  5. Holy cow Amy, that mirror is a dream.....!!! I love the history too! We are still hanging onto summer in IL and I am ok with that!

  6. so jealous of that weather! hey seriously, that mirror is the bomb girlfriend! perfection!



  7. Union Congregational Church?? I am just loving that beautiful mirror and your room in general. I covet those sliding doors and remember when you first hung them. I also covet your wonderful weather!

  8. it's not that cool here - yet - but praying it will!! that mirror is one of a kind - and your room looks serene and so chic!! especially that door.......now that's awesome.....

    Anne Marie

  9. Oh, how I dream of a mirror like that! I am LOVING the gold too.. I went though a paint everything phase at one time... Why am I suddenly hearing my mother's voice saying "you'll be sorry"...??

    I can't wait to see more!

  10. That is a fabulous mirror!!! And I am loving your room!! I can't make out the sign above the bed...but it is so cool!!!

  11. I am totally in awe of your mirror! Oh, that frame! Just waiting for my day to come across a find like that!
    Gorgeous Room!
    It's cooled off a little here in OK! Down from 103 to 93! LOL

  12. WOW! Great frame! Sadly, it's not quite the end of Summer here! Enjoy your cooler weather!

  13. Beautiful mirror! It looks great in your room. Here we're roasting in the upper 90's so fall seems pretty far off still-although I love fall, I think I'll hold onto summer for a bit longer!

  14. Morning Lovey....!

    Seriously AWESOME mirror....SERIOUSLY....!! And of course I LOVE the combination of the three pieces....** sigh ** If this were my bedroom I think I would lie about all day....!!

    Is the sign above the bed a new piece....?? VERY NICE....!

    Not long to JB now....WOOHOO....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  15. Beautiful pictures! Love the mirror and the chair is an unexpected piece.
    Thanks for stopping by today, I will be reading more or your blog.

  16. Don't know if I'm more envious of the mirror, or that your bedroom is big enough for one!


  17. don't you just love it when something comes together so perfectly - a stunning trio!

  18. You know shiny is one of my favorite colors and I only love things in XXL...just like my Cat Daddy!
    P.S. Isn't it fun to go shopping in your own back yard/garage?

  19. You show me this after I have painted EVERYTHING in my house satin nickle? oh my gosh... I LOVE the look of the gold! And your mirror? I think I'm swooning...

    ;-D robelyn

  20. love your bedroom! That mirror is amazing!!

  21. Not sure how I missed this post, but I did. I love your mirror. My goodness, it is a beautiful piece. And that little chair next to it is great. Trying to get rid of everything gold in my house...and then I see this. Girl....what are you doing to me?

  22. OMG, girlfriend! That mirror...stunning! Good find and good call. Love how it turned out and I'm sure it's even more gorgeous in person! Wow!



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