Thursday, August 12, 2010

Win Your Own Blog Button!: Happy 2 Years, WhisperWood Cottage!

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Oh, my goodness. It was two years ago this very day that I posted my first entry here on this little old blog. Reviewing old posts is like going through a scrapbook. "Oh, remember that?" "Oh my. Did my blog look like that?" "Did I actually write that?" Smiling fondly all the way through!

Here was my very first post on August 12, 2008...


WhisperWood Cottage Comes to Life

Welcome to WhisperWood Cottage. That's what I've affectionately named our home in the Northwoods. Here, you can follow the adventures of ALVN, RJNJ, and TDOG. After viewing so many wonderful blogs of friends and fellow junkers/antiquers/cottage lovers, I had the bug to start my own. All I needed was a gentle nudge from my dear Texas friend, Sarah!

Be ready for all kinds of "junking" stories! I have spent a lot of time "junking", "rescuing", and "adopting" great items from garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, antique stores, e-bay, and the homes of friends & relatives over the years. I see beauty and a creative future in often forlorn items. Our home is a veritable treasure trove of priceless (to me anyway!) cottage and industrial items balanced with updated traditional features. I look forward to sharing my fun treasure treks, junk junkets (journeys), antique adventures, and marvelous makeovers with you!

I'll probably also be including any crazy tidbits, life adventures, inspiring photos, and words of wisdom as the blog develops. I guess you'll just never know what you'll find here! Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again!


The very next day, I had my first and only comment...

Vintage Sue
Welcome to Blogistan! And thanks for the link love!

Thanks, Sue for welcoming me to blogland! Since then, Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad and I have become blog friends and junking comrades. We even met once at the antique shows in Texas. One red wine spill and a junking day later, we were even better friends. Oh, the chaos and the fun! Bloggers truly are a community of supportive people. Like Sue, they welcome you to blogland, encourage you to participate, and support you in the ups and downs of life. What a great virtual community to live in!

Since then, I've made so many friends, learned html, learned about blog parties and blog etiquette, and learned how to balance blogging with the rest of my life. Okay, I'm still learning that last one, but you know how it goes! I've also learned about taking good photos and designing things like blog buttons and blog headers. Everyone needs a good blog button, right?


To show my gratitude and support for all the new and veteran bloggers out there, I am going to celebrate WhisperWood Cottage's 2-year birthday with a celebratory giveaway. With what, you ask?

One Custom Blog Button for your blog!
(standard size is 125x125 pixels)

Designed for you by me. No, this does not mean I am going into business designing blogs or anything. It just means that I am helping one blogger who wants to have their very own blog button or simply needs a new one. Now, keep in mind...I am not a professional designer, but I will do my best!! Here are some buttons that I have created recently...


If you are new to blogging, you might wonder what a blog button is or what it is used for. Basically, it is a linked image that can be used to share linky love, promote an event or linky party, or serve as a graphic representation of what your blog is about. The first three buttons above are graphic representations of three different blogs. The fourth one is promoting an event. You can see lots of examples of buttons for linky parties by looking at my "Blog Parties" page.

You can take it a step further and provide the html code (see below for example) so fans of your blog or site can easily "grab" (copy) your code for the linked image and post it on their blogs. You can try it out by grabbing (copying) the code for the WhisperWood Cottage button below and pasting it into an html gadget on your sidebar.

WhisperWood Cottage

Click here to read an article that explains it a little bit more and gives you instructions on how to provide your own "grab my button" code box.


In your comment below, answer these questions:
  1. How long have you been a follower of WhisperWood Cottage. Are you a newbie, a recent fan, or a long-time follower?
  2. What does blogging mean to you, and why do you want a blog button?
If you feel like celebrating by posting about this giveaway, leave another comment with a link to your post and I will throw in another 2 entries for you! :)




  1. Gosh, Alvn.....I really don't know when I began following you. lol! I'm pretty much a rookie in this blogging world, so I would say I've been lurking around your blog a few months? I have found that blogging is a beautiful way of expressing yourself while making oodles of new friends who share the same joys and tears (in decor and in life) as you do. It's a wonderfully fun ride and a total blessing! tell you the truth I was hoping you could tell ME why I need a blog button? lol! It's cute, that's for sure! lol! :)

    Congrats on your blogiversary and thanks for the giveaway!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  2. I started my blog addiction about 9 months ago and yours was one of the first!! My blog is still a baby, and I must say, you did better than I did at getting a comment on your first post!! I have so many wonderful ideas and thoughts and I look forward to sharing them! A button would certainly help me with my blog. So much to learn!

    Happy 2 years to you!!!

  3. Happy Blog Birthday! I'm a fairly new follower but had been stalking you for awhile. I think it began during SYTUCD. I know I first fell in love with your rolling door.

    Blogging has become such a great community. Everyone sharing ideas and talents. I love being able to ask for opinions and get honest answers.
    I guess I don't need a button but would love to have one especially for when I get around to opening an etsy. I think they help to spread the word of your blog around and give you an identification of sorts.

  4. 1. I've been following your blog for awhile now.

    2. Blogging is about putting yourself out there for the whole world to see. Your ideas, your project, the things that inspire you. It's about being yourself and not caring what anybody else thinks.

    3. I think a blog button would add alittle Love to my Blog.

    Happy 2 years!

  5. I would love to win a blog button! I am semi-new to blogging...and I have been following your blog for about 1-2 months now.

    I love discovering blogs to see what amazing ideas are out there...I love making my house more beautiful on a very tight budget :)

    I would love to have a button to add a little "something" to my blog, and it might help to get some more people to my site :) Keep up the great work!! :)

  6. I've been wanting a blog button!

    I been following your blog for quite sometime now!

    I love blogging cause is keeps me connected to outside world. I'm able to see whats going on all over the country, and other countries! It's fun to talk to people you've never laid eyes on! Sometimes you get lucky and get to meet them and when you do, great new friendships are born! I drove all the way from Kentucky to Iowa just to meet Sharon of Sweet Repose! That was two years ago and we've remained close friends!

    Happy Aniversary!


  7. I've been subscribing to WhisperWood Cottage for a long time~over a year, but just recently became a follower. I think I first saw some of your stuff on the JunkMarketStyle blog and followed you here.

    It's hard for me to put into words what blogging means to me. I started blogging during a real low point in my life. I used to work as a massage therapist, and had to quit because of the physical toll it was taking on me. It was hard to quit. I liked all of my clients, and I still miss them. I was good at it, too. I missed feeling competent and talented at something. Then I had an appendectomy right after I quit work. I felt like crap, and recovery was rough, and long. But I wanted to do something besides lay on the couch and drool. So I started a blog. I have some awesome followers, and because of them, I don't miss my clients so much. And I'm starting to feel competent at blogging, too.

    I want a button just because I want one! I've tried to make one on my own and it just hasn't worked out yet.

    Awesome giveaway, by the way. Sorry for the novel.

  8. i am somewhat of a newbie- maybe 2 months? i just became "public" though the other day. i didn't know that when i subscribed through my reader it was automatically made private.
    i would love a buttom because i know i need one, but i frankly am not too swift when it comes to blog design and makeovers. give me a dresser to make over, and voila! magic! but ask me to do something fancy on the computer and you will be waiting for the magic to come for a long time...

  9. I have been following you for about 3 months now, I found your blog through my friend Jillian at the Virginia House. I love your style and your ideas. I have a little DIY file on my computer of ideas I've found on blogs that I want to try, there are several from your blog!
    I've only had a blog for about a month now, but I love it! I wasn't going to do one, I didn't think I had enough to write about. However, I emailed The Virginia House a diy project, that she then featured on her blog, it got so many comments I was shocked! I showed Hubby and he told me I should write a blog myself, so after much consideration, I did! For me, blogging is a creative outlet. As a mommy/wife/housekeeper/babysitter/chef/etc, I need a creative outlet once in a while to help keep my sanity. Plus, blogging keeps me motivated to keep up on my decorating and other projects!

  10. mmm...think I have been following you since Jan 2009 (when it was suggested by our book publisher that we should have a blog for the salvage studio- thought I'd better look at this blog stuff) I remember being bowled over by a photo of your dining room...but I was too shy to I lurked for a long time before I was bold enough to comment...probably about the time when I started my own blog for four corners design in Jan 2010. I blog for two reasons - first, it is a great marketing tool to talk about my work and my business. But I have found it helpful to me as an artist - its a type of journal for me - helps to focus what I am working on, what is important and in what direction I want to go.
    Having a blog button would be plus for marketing - I've tried my best here (and in fact was just thinking that I need to find someone to figure this out for me!) when your post appeared - having a custom designed button would keep the hair on my head that I would be pulling out if I attemped this on my own!
    Hoping that you continue blogging for another two years...and many more!
    amy of four corners design

  11. Congratulations on two great blogging years!
    Here's to the next one!

  12. I would love to be a part of your blog button drawing as I have seen them on so many blogs!!
    Well I believe I am a relatively new follower of yours. Blogging to me is a place to share my thoughts, ideas or whatever I need to get off my chest. Being a single gal with no kids, I suppose my blog is sometimes my Place to vent in place of a hubby or kids :) Congrats on your anniversary!!

  13. Well, I'm coming up on my first anniversary. It was shortly after I started my little blog that I found yours, through a friend's blog, and started following you.

    I started my blog to serve as a visual scrapbook of my and my family's life and lives. Those that are still here with us and those who have left us, yet still remain in our hearts. I love my pets, my husband and my kids. My blog helps me focus on the positive things in my life and also challenges me to take on new projects. What I didn't expect was the wealth of knowledge I would gain and the friends I would make through the blogging world.

    I have grabbed your button and will include it in my post tomorrow as I am travelling across country. You will find it in my blog entry after the last one I just posted about Oklahoma.

    Thanks and I'm going to go add your lovely button to my sidebar - I don't have too many over there yet. Ann

  14. ‎.
    ♪ ♫ Happy Anniversary to you ♫ ♪
    ♫ Happy Anniversary to you ♪
    Happy Anniversary, Whisper Wood Cottage!!
    ♫ Happy Anniversary to you ♫ ♪

    I just created my own button very recently. It took some doing, but I did it! I don't have one for my Cedar Junction blog yet (hint, hint)

    Happy hunting,

  15. Happy Birthday!! I just found you on Low Tide High Style and what a great blog you have!!

    I recently started blogging about two months ago and have already found so many wonderful friends and inspirations that I had no idea were out there. I have learned so much and still have so much to learn! I have a blog button but it is kind of EH and would love one that may represent my blog a little better! Yours are so great by the way!

  16. I've been following your blog for about a year now and think it's fantastic! I started a blog for someplace to put all my pictures I guess - I would just LOVE a blog button too!

  17. A very happy 2 year anniversary!! I love your blog -I a not sure exactly when I started following but it has bee some time now.

    I would love a blog button- I have been wanting to figure out how to make one and just have not had the time to do it!

    bee blessed

  18. Follower since Hector was a pup?...check
    Did a post?....check check
    Put your button on my sidebar?...triple check
    Love everything this blog is about and you?...Heck Yeah!!!
    Now for the million dollar question...why do I blog. open my world, find and meet wonderful individuals, keep growing as a person, express myself, AND stay forever young with friends like you.

  19. Congratulations! Is it true I was your first commenter? Wish I could've been first again on this one. You've come sooooo far with a meteoric rise! I won't comment here about what blogging means to me (viz. everything), bec. I am planning a post on it, but wanted to wish WWC a happy anniversary! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

  20. Congrats to you! It is amazing how much you can learn. I am so new at this, just 2 1/2 months into it. I don't even know how to grab other people's buttons - have tried and failed!!! I can't imagine being able to make one. I am sure with a good teacher, I would be able to understand some day!

  21. I'm fairly new to blogging. Had a very slow start, but followed you as soon as I really started posting and found you.

  22. Congrats on two years!!

    I don't know how I found your blog, probably following a link. I love it though! I started blogging for fun and fun it has been. :-)

  23. Congrats to You!, I have only been blogging since Nov. and I have found such love-support-friends-hope-inspiration-Creativity-Who would of thought, an Online free journal could give so much...
    I love and adore your blog- thanks for visitng to see my damask chair..

  24. What a sweet giveaway! I'm a relatively new follower, and don't remember where I wandered here from, but loved this blog as soon as I discovered it. I started blogging last Oct, after reading blogs for about a year. I still have so much to learn, and I've felt so blessed to be part of the blogging world and "meet" so many wonderful women from all over the world. I have no idea how to make a blog button myself, but think it would be nice to have one of my own :-)

  25. I haven't been following for long, have loved your blogs since finding you.
    I don't know alot about blog buttons but have noticed them all over. Thanks for the explanation of them.
    Good luck to all who enter your great blog button give a way!


  26. I just found your blog today and became a follower. I would love a blog button because I have no idea where to start to create one! It would be fun to have one though! Congratulations on 2 years!

  27. I was glad to see you're referring folks to my writeup on making a scrollbox for the lovely button you design for them! Thanks. There's also a set on instructions for wordpress. com.
    Since not everyone can win, I also have a couple of tuts on making your own 125 x 125 ad or image! Let me know if you want the references. Congratulations on your anniversary. Happy Blogging!


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