Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bringing Sexy Back to Stationery

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Thank you, Moo.com,
for bringing sexy back to stationery!

Anyone here like to write letters? You know...like back in the day before cell phones, email, texting, tweeting, blogging, etc? And remember all those awesome black and white postcards that your grandma has stashed in her photo collection? The ones you find in antique stores and flea markets?

Well, I'm starting a revolution! With the help of Moo.com, I'm bringing sexy back to photo postcards and hand-written notes! Check out how Moo postcards make my photos look high-end and fabulous. The sleek gloss finish makes them look some kind o' sexy, huh? Wouldn't you love to receive one of these sexy postcards in the mail?

I wanted a way to capture some of my summer memories and share them with people. After thinking about it for a while, I remembered Moo.com (I've ordered business cards from them in the past and loved them) and that they had postcards. So, I thought I'd give the Moo postcards a shot and surprise my family with postcards from our summer vacation together and my junking friends with shots from Junkologie Blog Party 2010. I gathered up some of my favorite shots...most you have seen here on this lil' ol' blog...and uploaded them on the Moo.com site. Easy peasy!

Y'all want to know how I did it? Just in case you do...


  • digital photos that I took (can be one photo or all different photos)
  • internet access to Moo.com
  • credit card to place order

STEP 1: If you are in the U.S., go to http://us.moo.com/products/ to see the screen above. You can see all the card options they offer. I selected "More about Postcards."

STEP 2: I reviewed the prices for the various quantities. I decided on the 20 cards for $19.99.

STEP 3: I read through the instructions in the "Making Postcards is easy" section in the center box. Then I clicked the "Start making Postcards" button.

STEP 4: Here I had to decide if I wanted to upload my own photos or pick a ready made pack (yes, they have gorgeous options that someone has already designed). I opted to upload my own images, so I clicked on the "Upload images" button.

STEP 5: Since I was ordering 20 postcards and I wanted a different photo on each postcard, I went to where my photos are saved and copies the ones I wanted to upload to a new folder.

STEP 6: I uploaded the 20 photos by clicking the "Upload your images to MOO" button. I navigated to the folder on my computer where the 20 images were saved. I selected all the photos at once by clicking on the first one, then holding the shift key and clicking on the last one, so that they were all highlighted. I clicked on the upload button. I waited until all the photos were uploaded.

STEP 6: I went through the cropping step to make sure each photo was cropped as I wanted it to be.

STEP 7: I chose to keep the back of my postcard blank except for the lines for the address and the square for the postage stamp. They do have other options for you to add text.

STEP 8: I added the pack to my "cart" and placed my order (this includes filling in name, address, shipping preference, and payment info). Soon after, I received an email with my order information. A couple days later, I received a second email saying they were shipped.

STEP 9: When I found them in the mailbox, I ran into the house and found a special spot to write my very first set of photos postcards. These will be the "antique memories" of tomorrow!

I love that Moo.com allows you to have a different photo or graphic on each card if you want. It's so great for anyone who likes to take and share photos! They use something called Printfinity. I'm not sure how it works, but I love that it does!! I already ordered a set of their Moo MiniCards for some fun fall projects. Stay tuned for those!!  This is my first time ordering those as well, but my friend, Mindy, had some great MiniCards at the Round Top show last year. I know they are fabulous!

If you'd like to try your own Moo project, check out their inspiration gallery for ideas! You'd be amazed at the creative ways that people are using them! AND, they are offering 10% off if you enter this special code at checkout through the end of September...DIYCLUB10.

Since Moo is a new DIY Club Inc sponsor, I'd love to see you link up your Moo projects to the September DIY Club Inc party starting this Thursday or the October party next month!!

What'cha think?
How are you gonna bring sexy back to your stationery?


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  1. What a great idea! We all need a personal letter/postcard in the mail from time to time. Sometimes email just don't send the same love. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for the links. I will be checking them out

  3. I have a stationary addiction...among my many addictions LOL. There is nothing like beautiful papers and these are wonderful. SEa Witch

  4. This is a great idea and such a wonderful way to share photos. As a chronic picture taker, this is SO MUCH up my alley. I'm thinking Christmas gifts, even...

    You ought to link this to the End of the Summer Blast at singingwiththebirds blogspot. This is a great idea for preserving summer!!

    (Singing with the birds did not pay me for this endorsement. Grin...)

  5. Amy, wonderful post and info about Moo! I'm so glad they're working with my favorite group of crafty gals ~ The DIY Club Inc! I get my business cards (the mini-cards) from MOO and always get tremendous compliments on them. MOO's quality is really exceptional, and they have so many amazing products. I've been wanting to order some of their flip-books and custom sticker-books, and now I'll be adding postcards to my wish list!

  6. yes, welcome to the club - obviously you know that I already applaud sending a personal note through the mail every once in a while - postcards are the perfect way to say "I'm thinking of you" or "thank you" - short, sweet and so much more personal than an email! your cards look great!
    amy of four corners design

  7. Just came across your site and loving it after only seeing a few post! Sometimes I think us bloggers are all on the same wave length…..I just wrote a post about the ancient art of snail mail! I think I’ve come across another one another person’s blog as well. I LOVE the idea of printing out photography post cards!! I’ve been using some blank stationary that I’ve fancied up but photo post cards sound right up my alley. I’m trying to think who I haven’t sent a cards to recently so I can order some of these bad boys.

    Anywho hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m off to see what I’ve miss on your blog.

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  8. What fun you've been having with Moo Amy. I just rec'd my first batch of 200 mini moo cards last week and am loving them. So exciting!
    Love that you thought to do this for the holidays and to bring back the vintage love of postcards.
    Happy Holidays to you and Ron.


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