Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Pledging a Trash to Treasure Project to Beat Breast Cancer

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I'm joining these fellow bloggers in the fight against breast cancer! I'm pledging to create a Trash to Treasure project and donate it to the 7th Annual Trash to Treasure Charity Auction in St. Charles, MN, The auction, hosted each year by the Pfarkel Sisters of Junk {Re}defined (in photo above), donates all net proceeds from the auction to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

These generous bloggers from all over the country have pledged to create and ship their project in time for the charity auction...
  1. Sue Whitney of JunkMarket Style in honor of her sister, Jean Ann, who lost the battle with breast cancer, and my mother, Phyllis, who is a two-time survivor.
  2. Roeshel of The DIY Show Off and DIY Club Inc
  3. Jen of Tatertots & Jello and DIY Club Inc in honor of my best friend, Susan, who lost the battle almost 1 year ago today.
  4. Holly of 504 Main and DIY Club Inc
  5. Amy of WhisperWood Cottage, Junkologie, and DIY Club Inc in honor of my dear blogging friend and survivor Cher of The Texas Woman! Read her story.
  6. Lani of Cottage Elements in honor of her mother, Dee, a survivor, and my aunt, Eileen, who lost the battle.
  7. Cheri of It's So Very Cheri and DIY Club Inc in honor of my cousin, Gale Anne, who is a marathon-running survivor of breast cancer.
  8. Stephanie Lynn of Under the Table and Dreaming and DIY Club Inc in honor of my grandmother, Ann, who is no longer with us but battled for many years.
  9. Amy Duncan of four corners design says, "I am happy to send an autographed copy of The Salvage Studio book to be auctioned off - then others can be inspired to make treasures from trash!  And it would be in honor of my friend, Jana Futch who is a cancer survivor."
We want your creativity, too! Please join this crew of fellow junkers and bloggers who are using their creativity to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure!


Please read more about how your creative Trash to Treasure project can help in the prevention, treatment, and elimination of breast cancer. Then get out the word and challenge others to pledge their projects, too!