Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Plans for a Craig's List Find: This Cabinet Needs Help!

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Once in a while, Craig's List offers up a find. This time...a seven-foot tall homemade cabinet for $45. Yes, all the shelves are there. And it is a solid piece. It needs a bit of a makeover though. I thought I'd see what products the DIY Club sponsors offer that might help me with this project. My plan is to get this done in time to link up for the October party.

Of course, I'm thinking a coat of paint is the necessary first step. On that premise, I hopped over to the Mythic Paint site (hey, if DIY sweetheart, David Bromstad loves it, then how can I not?), and I am loving their non-toxic, earth-friendly paint!! No-VOCs? No carcinogens? Where have you been all my DIY life, Mythic Paint?

Their color options are amazing! The colors above are only the names of the groups of colors. The palettes go on and on. Or they can custom color. The only problem? I don't know what color to paint that bad boy of a cabinet! Do I go with a cottage-y white? Or do I go with something bold?

I'm thinking that the fabulous fabulously hideous hardware needs to be replaced, too. I buzzed over to Rockler (Ha! Their blog is called the Rockler Buzz Saw! Get it? I "buzzed" over...stay with me, people!) These solid brass card holders caught my eye...aren't you in organizational love? I could use these all over the house! And I know some people aren't brass fans, but I looooove brass if it has the right patina. And these pieces are heavy duty and oh so yummy!

Especially this bad boy of a card holder... Love!

While I completely adore the one above, the one below is a thriftier brass option with an aged patina that fits my budget a bit more...

I was also thinking of doing something else to the cabinet. Maybe add some beadboard behind the shelves? Or maybe paint a stencil of some kind? Maybe something like this from Cutting Edge Stencils? I just got this bad boy in the mail and am looking for just the right place to use it...

Large Tree & Birds Stencils

Oh, I just had another idea, but I'm not going to tell you what it is. Not just yet anyway! Okay, I lied. I can't keep it to myself. It's...Okay, I'm kidding again. I really can't tell you. I want to surprise y'all if I use this secret idea of mine. Oh, woe is me! The agony of DIY surprise. What's a DIY gal to do?

So, what do you think? 
  1. White paint or bold color? Which Mythic Paint color do you suggest?
  2. Cardholders as hardware? Do you like one of the two above or maybe one of the other 2910 Rockler knob & pull options?
  3. Beadboard, Cutting Edge Stencil, or some other super-secret treatment behind the shelves?

So many decisions! Let me know what you think!



  1. Great find! We found one similar that my husband repurposed. He added wainscot on the sides and back.... painted it a color called Pewter and distressed it. He permanently attached the shelves. It's been a great display piece in the shop. Can't wait to see what you do!
    Tried to attach a picture here and can't figure it out. You can see the cupboard on our website. http://www.thewhistlestopcountrystore.com/The_Whistle_Stop_/2010_photos/Pages/Summer_Home_Show__.html#28

  2. Not sure about the paint color but LOVE the aged drawer pull!!

  3. I would do a white or grey! I can't wait to hear about your super secret treatment, but if I were doing it for my house, I'd put beadboard in the back:) Can't wait to see what you do!

  4. I like the idea of a stencil behind the shelves. White would work and also a pale green!!
    And I have to say, I am not a fan of the brass nameplate hardware. I think some bling is in order..something crystal??

  5. I would put beadboard behind the shelves, and paint it either white or the green in the earthtones section. Then distress it a little. I like the older brass plate, or I think orb old fashioned pulls would look good. Have you seen the cabinet thing featured on Dreamy Whites a couple of weeks ago? It was a really pretty robins egg blue and she painted the back grey- that's really pretty too. Good luck!

  6. I love the cabinet/bookshelf....I recently did a 7x8 ft cabinet...huge and heavy...I stripped the outer and painted inside bead board ....I love the black inside and wood outside....or the outside pale green inside white....always safe....Maybee's Mom

  7. I love the cardholders as knobs, very unique idea and as far as color...hmmm....well you know me, I'm a color gal so I vote for COLOR!


  8. Good find! Checking out the photos of your house, I would say go with grey, green or blue. I personally like the rustic look of the older patina hardware, and it seems like it would really fit into your house. Simpler might be beter as for the background...perhaps just the beadboard, if that?

  9. Okay, I have two thoughts. You know me, I love cottage white. My all time fav. And I'd definitely do the bead board (wainscot) on the back. I love the bigger label pull, but if it really doesn't matter, go with the aged one. Then my other thought? Go with a deep grey, like their Thorwood. Then the brighter brass would be cool. It really all depends on the room where you're gonna put it and what look you want. A more vintage or a little more contemporary. Okay, that's my two cents (or maybe a nickel) LOL!


  10. I am completley in love with Mythic paint - they have so many colors and I could get lost in that Rockler catalog. I adore this cabinet...I have so much furniture to paint here...cannot wait to see what you come up with!


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