Monday, August 16, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub...A New Cottage Tub (and other cool finds!)

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Oh, the junking has been fine, my friends! Look at the beauty that came home with us Saturday! It will have a place of honor in our someday master bath reno. It's the perfect size and depth for a deep soak after a long day! Sorry, Deb, no mannequins to demonstrate! :)

The master bath reno will be a MAJOR ordeal, but it will be worth it in the end. I can totally envision the final product! This tub is a great vintage piece in great condition, so it is worth holding onto until the time is right. Alas, it will have to hibernate until RJNJ has the time to take on such an endeavor. Until then, I have plenty of DIY Club projects that I've been working on. And here are some other goodies I found to inspire projects in the meantime...

The door? From the Duluth, MN, courthouse. You will see this in the doorway between the kitchen and laundry room.
The sign? From the now defunct "Ideal Grocery" in Duluth, MN. Hoping to work this into the kitchen somehow.

L-O-V-E-ing this vintage GE meter. It has a current home in the laundry room.
It is a fun and expected piece simply hung on the wall.

One of two almost identical seltzer bottles found on the same day at different locations.

Here's the second. Both "made in England."

Some smalls that made their way home from a junk place in Wisconsin. See that glass ball on the metal stand? A vintage liquid soap dispenser. A perfect accessory to coordinate with the "new" old tub! Those colored chips? Vintage wooden nickels...most marked with Wisconsin locations.

That's all for now! I have tons of projects to show you! I have a couple for the upcoming Junk Potluck at Junkologie Blog Party 2010 and several others for the DIY Club September party. The summer is ending soon, and I've already started some fall decorating in the master bedroom. A hint? Ummmm...nope! Y'all will just have to wait!


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  1. Wow wow and wow! You found some beauties! The tub is amazing! I can't wait to see your finished bath. The sign, door and seltzer bottles are too die for!



  2. I am always amazed at your "eye" for detail and unique finds! So fun! Loving that tub!!!

  3. Oh my those finds.. excellent eye you have! I especially love the sign!! And the bottles are yummy!!

  4. Oh Amy... once that bathtub is installed, you'll have all of blogsphere totally envious! What a beauty! LOVE the sign too. I have the perfect spot for it dag nab it!


  5. Love that tub!! Fabulous! And your other treasures are awesome. Love the wooden door and that GE meter is the best thing ever!!
    Wowzers...great stuff!!

  6. Great tub! It appears to be in near perfect condition too! Wonderful find!

  7. You found some wonderful things! I love the tub and seltzer bottle. I would love a claw foot tub some day.

  8. You scored girl!!! Love all the finds! I missed out bigtime! ;)

  9. oh amy the tub is fantastic! i found one last year on CL and its on its way into the current bath remodel although it has a few minor fixes needed.
    i'm sure i'm going to want to change my bath once i see yours!

    love that door with the vent at the bottom.
    judi ;)

  10. I love the tub!!! Lucky girl!! You found some great pieces!! I am loving the grocery sign too!!

  11. Oh my Amy, you DO find the best junk...don't you??? That tub, the sign...sigh....;) Laurel

  12. Aw man, you find the BEST junk! I'd say "I hate you" but 1) I never say that and 2) I can't hate you. I'm just going to hop on a plane and go junking with you! lol Great finds, as usual. I'm jealous (and I luv u!). I'm going to have a claw foot tub someday, the door is beautiful and that sign, meter and bottles are awesome.


  13. Amy,

    That tub is the best find EVER!!!!
    Wiping the drool from my lips as I type!!

  14. Oh those old tubs are fantastic. Heavy and they keep the water hot! I would love to have the one I grew up with- who knows where that one ended up! Sure do like that door and the spritzer bottle. Is it similar to a seltzer bottle? I've seen those in shops for over $100. Ridiculously expensive.
    :-) Sue

  15. Girl, I am comin' up there and shopping with you!! Did I ever tell you Duluth is one of our most FAVORITE midwest travel destinations! I love it up there...and if I can find good junk like this, I'm on my way. I would do cartwheels for that grocery sign!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with it. Did you see my post. I am so sad. ;o( I won't be selling at Junk Bonanza afterall. ~sigh~



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