Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salvaged Fireplace Mantel Turned Hat Rack/Shelf

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A girl's gotta have a place to hang her hats! Especially when that girl has as many as I do. Some people claim not to be hat people, but I am emphatically a hat fanatic. L-O-V-E them! They can be sassy and stylish or hard-working and practical. They can convey your mood or hide the abominable state of your hair. Three cheers for hats!

When I saw this salvaged mantel piece in a local antique store for $30, I was thrilled. I adore architectural pieces...especially if they have great details and patina like this piece. I originally was going to make a coat rack out of it, but eventually I determined that it would be perfect to hang my hat collection in my closet. Here's how I did it.

  1. 1 salvaged mantel piece
  2. 9 vintage coat hooks
  3. Bag of Rags from Rockler
  4. Deft Clear Wood Finish from Rockler
  5. 18 wood screws
  6. cordless screwdriver
  7. 2 triangle picture hangers & screws/nails
  8. 2 wall hooks

STEP 1: Find a flat open surface to work on. I used the driveway. :)

STEP 2: Clean the mantel and hooks of any dust using rag from Rockler's Bag of Rags.

STEP 3: Space the hooks evenly across the mantel piece. This mantel had existing drilled holes, so I spaced them according to them.

STEP 4: Since the vintage hooks I had showed a bit of rust and wear, I sprayed them with Deft Clear Wood Finish from Rockler to protect my hats (or anything else that would hang on them) from getting any marks. The Deft Clear Wood Finish left a great sheen on the hooks as well. Let them dry thoroughly.

STEP 5: Using the cordless drill, I screwed the hooks into the mantel. Pre-drilling was not necessary.

STEP 6: Attach the 2 triangle picture hangers to the back of the piece. Put 1 near each end. Make sure they are level.

STEP 7: Determine where you want to hang the hat rack. Measure and place your wall hooks. 

STEP 8: Hang it up!

STEP 9: Hang your hats! I placed some on top as well as on the hooks.

I'm feeling so organized! Those hats have been stuck in a drawer since last fall. It feels great to add more unexpected vintage character to the master bedroom. And now this girl's got a place to hang her hats!


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  1. Amy I LOVE your hat mantle & that LAST pic through your MAGNIFICENT sliding door is my FAVE....You KNOW I LOVE that door....!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. What a great idea! SO much better than any other option I can think of. LOVE that door.

  3. How neat is that, oh so clever and looks great too!

  4. That turned out beautiful! What a great idea! I am in love with your door too!

  5. What a beautiful piece! It looks great with your hats hanging on it. And it goes nicely with the door :)

  6. What a wonderful idea. I love the mantel and it is perfect for the hats. Fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love your closet door...that is just about the most wonderful thing I have seen in a long makes me smile everytime I see it in your photos!!! So GREAT!

  8. Love what you did for your hats. They are hanging pretty.

  9. What a great mantle! I can't get enough of that sliding door. Everytime I see it, I search for a place in my house where I think I could put one.

  10. amy,
    boy i have missed several of your posts and i'm now playing catch up.

    love how the fireplace mantel looks with the oak dresser and your slider door.

    and the angled "shoe dept." mirror is awesome..wherever did you find that?! you find the coolest stuff!

    judi ;)

  11. So cool Amy! I wasn't sure about the brassy hooks at first but they tie in beautifully with that dresser! Oh gosh this looks so cool!


  12. There was a show that used to be on PBS (don't know if it's still shown or not) called "Ron Hazelton House Calls". I think it needs to be revamped and renamed "Amy To The Rescue". I swear see beauty and purpose in everything! This read like a perfect TV script!
    P.S. I love hats but being the possesor of a melon head, they don't love me. You one the other hand...look darling in 'em!

  13. What a creative idea to display your hat collection! I have a huge collection and I just toss them in a basket. I like your idea more!

  14. That is just way too cool! It's great that you didn't paint it~and that's not something I say often! It looks like your hat rack and dresser belong together.

  15. where where where did you find that fantastic door? I've been looking for one for our master bathroom (it doesn't have a door) and that is perfect! Please please please shoot me an email -

  16. Okay, I have door envy! Love it!! And I love your mantle as well;o) But that is one rockin' door!!


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