Monday, September 20, 2010

Batter Up for Simple Coffee Table Centerpiece

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What do you get when you mix a glass cloche, a stash of baseballs/softballs from Goodwill, a vintage collection plate, and some vintage banners? A junk-inspired coffee table centerpiece!

I adore the patina and textures of the baseballs and softballs! The red, maroon, and purple add some jewel tones to the fall decor at WhisperWood Cottage.

Do you have any super simple coffee table ideas?

Do tell!

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  1. Love that look...nice to meet you at Junk Bonanza. Hope you had a great time there!

  2. ok, this is something my son loves, he picks up ball wherever and just keeps them, it looks fabulous.

  3. I would have never ever thought of something like this and it looks SUPER! I am totally impressed and surprised at how much I like the look. What a great idea...creative as usual.

  4. Nope, I don't have a single idea but I sure like yours!

  5. ~*~*LOVE that idea..great for the summer/4th of July decor too!!! Thanks for the idea!~*~* ;)Rachel

  6. Great tablescape! Love the textures of the soft balls!! I have felt cakes and cupcakes under glass and a birds' nest under glass as well.
    Love your idea!!

  7. that looks adorable! i love the vintage and SO AMERICAN feel!
    i don't do much on my coffee table because the kids use it to play on too much!

  8. what a cool center piece! but... my three year old would take those balls out and start breaking windows!!! I love all your ideas! happy Tuesday.

  9. Love it! I have been on the lookout for old baseballs (maybe I just need to go visit my parents) after I saw bracelets made from them. This is great idea for baseball banquets or a boys room too. As for simple centerpiece fruit in my favorite glass bowl or bunches of rosemary from the garden.

  10. Perfect for my sons vintage baseball inspired room!


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