Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guest Bedroom Gets Simplified Fall Makeover

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It's definitely fall here in the midwest. The temps are dropping and the leaves are changing. With that, I had the urge to simplify and bring in some industrial cottage touches to the guest bedroom.

So, here is how the guest room looked Saturday morning...

And here is how it looked Saturday evening...

What changed?
  1. The wall color...from a cream to a natural white called Swiss Coffee (I wanted to use the non-toxic, low-odor paint from Mythic Paint, so I had them match the Swiss Coffee color from Behr. It was applied with a roller and a 2" brush.)
  2. The sign...from beachy pink & white to industrial Greyhound
  3. The headboard slipcover...from striped blue, pink, and ivory to natural linen
  4. The wallhangings & tchotckes...nothing but the Greyhound over the bed & the two framed images on the nightstands
  5. The nightstands...two mismatched dressers/stands for a pair of matching industrial stools
  6. The lumbar pillow cover...from blue denim to ivory linen
  7. The bedding...added a striped quilt in yellow, ivory, and greige tones.

Sorry the room looks a little grey and drab. I was arguing with my camera today and the camera won! The room is actually quite bright and peaceful. I'll work on getting some better shots next time! :) 

I still have some plans for the other side of the room...mainly changing up the metal dresser a bit and maybe changing out the cabinet for something a bit more industrial. I'm also looking for some linen drapes to add softness to the windows.

I hope you are enjoying your fall nesting! On to more projects...


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  1. Looks wonderful. Love the quilt. I love both the grayhound and the cabin sign. Where did you put the big sign? I would love to find a metal cabinet. I'm not having luck. Needs to be no more then 24 inches wide.

  2. I wish fall would come to Texas. It has still been in the 90's during the day and only 70's at night. The changes look good. I just love what you did for side tables and art for them. That's really cool!

  3. Oooooh the greyhounds for me!!!!!!

    That's a very big change in such a short time wish I had your energy!!!!!

  4. I covet that greyhound!!! LOL I used to have a retired racer, so I have a huge softspot for them. Tremendous dogs and I HIGHLY recommend a "40 mph couch potato" for a pet.

  5. Love the new look!!! And that greyhound above the bed is AMAZING!!!

  6. Love it! Amazed that you could do that all in a day!


  7. It looks fabulous. I love the new color and the Greyhound is wonderful. Great change. Hugs, Marty

  8. Looks great. I love that stool beside the bed.

  9. Love the new look and our fall temps!
    Take care, Laurel

  10. Girlfriend, how in the world do you do it all? You make me tired just watching you. Now I have to come and visit again! Looks sooooo inviting!

  11. Wow you did all that in one weekend! It looks beautiful even though the pictures don't do it justice.
    I love that greyhound! Such a conversation piece.

  12. Judging by your other reader's comments, the greyhound is a hit! I can tell you there would have been a tug-of-war over that sign if we had both found it at the same time....Your room makeover looks lovely, peaceful, and sleek.

  13. It is beautiful!!! Love it!!

  14. I am loving the start of fall! Midwest falls are always to beautiful!
    Your room turned out great! I love the greyhound!

  15. I love the makeover. When I was a little girl I often was put on the Greyhound bus to travel 3 hours to go see my grandparents. Happy times.
    I can't imagine doing that with my own kids today.

  16. i love the simple changes you made that make the room just a little cozier for fall. when can i come be a guest in that room? ;)

  17. Oh to be young again and get that much accomplished in a day! Girl, I can't do that much in a month! Looks fab.

  18. did ALL that in one day?! did you start at daybreak? whew! i need to go take a nap on that bed just thinking about it.
    but before i do, i wanted to tell you that i
    love the new look and the simplicity of it. those vintage stools are so perfectly industrial-me like!
    judi ;)

  19. Where, oh where, did that greyhound come from? Love it!

  20. I love your wonderful transformation! I loved the before pics too though! Where did you find that greyhound?! I have a friend who does greyhound rescue and she would LOVE one of those!

    Kat :)

  21. Looks great! Just found your blog via The Lettered Cottage... I'll be back again! Thanks, Rosa


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