Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kevin & Layla Go to Hollywood (via Shakopee, MN)

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Here are our favorite cottage designer, Layla, and her talented hubby, Kevin, of The Lettered Cottage, filming at Junk Bonanza 2010 in Shakopee, MN, this past weekend. Hoping to get picked up by a network, they are working with a producer to put together a show that involves traveling the country and helping people with design dilemmas. I was thrilled to be able to capture some of their filming adventures on camera!!

Their client was a fairly new blogger, Carla of Hammers and High Heels. Carla and her hubs, Alex, live in downtown Minneapolis, MN. Kevin & Layla were shopping Junk Bonanza to find great pieces to makeover Carla & Alex's guest bedroom.

There was lots of discussion going on about different items that caught their eye. Kevin was always at the ready to measure an item to see if it would fit in the room. If you are looking for specific pieces for a space, it is always recommended to have the room measurements with you!

In the photos above and below, the producer (director?) was giving some instruction for the next shot. 

I love the looks of concentration here!

Here they were talking to Cammie of Daffadowndilly's. She always has the best stuff! See some of the shots of her booth from this year's show over at Junkologie. In the photos above and below, they were talking about that army green trunk in front of them.

I hope the filming went like gangbusters, Kevin & Layla! I enjoyed meeting you, and I would absolutely love to see the two of you on TV! Your kind demeanor, never-ending creativity, and undeniable sense of style make you naturals for design stardom. The blogging, design, DIY, and cottage communities are chomping at the bit for a couple like you to give us what we love!

Stay tuned at The Lettered Cottage to see how Kevin & Layla transform Carla & Alex's guest bedroom!


  1. Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing these! It would be so great if they could do a show!

  2. oohh lucky you to meet "the awesome layla & kevin from the lettered cottage! they are the their blog and would love for them to have a show...they make the greatest videos...and make me laugh.
    hope you did well at the show...either selling or buying! ;)

  3. ~*Im so glad you did this post about them!! I hope they get picked up for a show..that would be great!;)Rachel~*

  4. Thanks for a different view of their trip- super fun!

  5. fun would that be. Hope you get the show. Will be pulling for you.

  6. Hi! I'm so excited I found your blog, I'm Carla from the pictures above, I was so excited to have Layla and Kevin redo our Guest Room, it was amazing having them at our house! I love all the pictures you got of us shopping, it was a little scary picked out things with a camera taping it all, but so much fun! Thanks for linking my blog as well :) I really am new to blogging, but love it so far, fun to capture all of our house projects to remember and share!

  7. Great behind-the-scene pictures. Thanks for sharing them! I'm jealous you got to meet Layla and Kevin. I'd love to be their BFFs. They seem like so much fun!


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