Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chair-enthood: Saying Good-Bye to Heywood & Wakefield

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Heywood & Wakefield with the OLD fireplace.

Did I ever tell you that Heywood and Wakefield moved out? Yes, it's true. After less than a year, the vintage twins were feeling quite grown up, and they wanted to be on their own. You know how chair-dren are. They want the bright lights of the big city and an exciting night life where they can meet other chairs their age. What's a chair-ent to do but let them go?

Remember when they first came home with us? Oh, what a precious moment. They smiled and cooed...and we cuddled as chair-ents and chair-dren do.

And who could forget the day they flanked that great liquid shipping crate side table? They really amazed us that day. They were so grown up and stylish!

With last spring's fireplace makeover and new chairs moving in, Heywood and Wakefield felt we were cramping their style and that their time had come to move on. 

It was a bittersweet day when we had to say good-bye. While they didn't know it, I had arranged for a lovely Twin Cities couple to watch over them. After using some Mensa-esque puzzle strategies to fit both of them into the world's smallest car (not kidding...Wakefield even made the woman sit in the back seat with Heywood...wish I had taken a photo of that!), they took off to the big city party-style for their newest adventure.


  1. OMG you are too funny! I have two chairs, I cannot bear to part with. The painful truth is that they do not fit in my little house, so until I have the strength to part, they are on the front porch. You are so strong, I don't think I can do it...... :-) Debra

  2. ~*~*Adorable post!!:) Great chairs too..glad you found them a new home!! Hugs,Rachel ~*~*

  3. I have a twin bedroom set of H/W that was my Father in Law's when he was a boy. Two beds, chest of drawers, dresser and nightstand.

    Unfortunately the finish is wasted. I'm actually thinking of painting them. I don't think I could refinish them to mimic the classic H/W 'champagne' that was used. And I don't want to pay to ship them to the specialist in MI, and pay him to do it for me. But I feel so unholy even thinking of painting that beautiful maple...

    Fun post!

  4. Love the story! Thanks for sharing!

  5. And they lived happily ever after. Such a chairming story and you told it so well!

  6. Oh, it must have been a set moment to see the little chairdren's leave you. How are you cooping with the empty nest syndrom? Have you called yet to ask how they are doing?

  7. What a sad and poignant tale of two chairs!! Hope they enjoy their new lives as "adopted" siblings. And how are you feeling about this departure? It was for the best you know?
    Just saying!

  8. Amy....I'm proud of you for not just leaving them by the side of the road, like so many chairents do. Takes guts, I tell ya. Time is on your side.

  9. LOL, love it.
    I have a Heywood & Wakefield bedroom set which I can't bear to think about getting rid of someday.

  10. I think I would have separation anxiety from the gorgeous window frame on the mantle!! I assume you found a new place in your home for it!

  11. :::Sniff::: A proud tear came into my eye while reading this. Those darling little chairdren sure have grown up. I'm sure you must be beaming with pride! Actually, I think the tears were brought on by laughter - this really had be giggling! LOVE the new fireplace with built-ins! And, of course, the new chairs! ~Leena

  12. You're a better woman than I am... For I could NEVER have parted with them!

    Love everything about your style!


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