Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sports-themed Autumn Displays

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Inspired by my baseball coffee table display, I decided to outfit our recently added fireplace cabinetry with some sport-themed decor. Autumnal reds, rustic leather, and aged wood make for an earthy display. There's something about the dropping temperatures and autumn leaves that makes red and leather accents a natural way to warm up a space.

The top shelf holds a vintage cricket bat I found on one of my trips to the Texas Antique Shows. No, I don't think I carried it on the airplane with me! :)

There's no crying in baseball! (Bonus points if you can name the movie!). My baseball coffee table display (a glass cloche, a vintage church collection plate, and softballs/baseballs found at Goodwill) was moved from the coffee table to the cabinet. And a vintage catcher's mitt also holds an extra softball. 

In the background, you'll see an old advertising sign for a special on girls gym shoes. That was one of my finds from Oronoco Gold Rush Days this past August. On the bottom shelf, a super-fabulous vintage leather medicine ball (found at a local antique store for a steal) adds texture and warmth.

In the left-hand cabinet, we have more finds that I've collected over time on my many junking adventures. A vintage football and a pair of small, red cheer cones (megaphones) nestle together on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf, a pair of wooden 1-pound dumbbells sits atop a locker basket, which holds a pair of soft, red leather boxing gloves.

What do you think? TKO or down for the count?


  1. Great textures and warm colors. Just can't go wrong. And the photographer happens to be a dang good designer! Nice, Amy. ~Mindy

  2. Not sure if that is a cricket paddle or a principal's paddle! They still use those in Texas, you know! Whatever, you have balls! :)


  3. I think it all looks great!

  4. I think it looks great. It sets a warm and cozy atmosphere!

  5. Psst...ALOTO! I just used the same quote, so I'm not going to totally give it away!
    There's the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, football has theirs in Canton, New York, but neither one can hold a candle to the Junker's Hall of Fame in your living room!

  6. Yea! Texas Rangers, maybe, I should add baseballs to my cloches! Great displays, home run with the photography, too.

  7. I do believe you hit a home run!!!! Grand slam even!!
    Love it

  8. "A League of Their Own", I think? Uttered by Tom Hanks.

  9. Definitely TKO. That looks great!


  10. Love that movie....smiles.


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