Friday, November 5, 2010

The DIY Club Project Party Monthly Contest Welcomes Krylon & Purdy!

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DIY Club
The November DIY Project Party Monthly Contest is accepting DIY project submissions to win the $1500 prize package now through Nov. 22!

In the estimable words of Niecy Nash,
"Can you stand to see more?" 

There are also two new DIY Club Sponsors we are thrilled to have on board...


That means any project you have that uses Krylon spray paint or a Purdy paint brush is now eligible to enter! Holy buckets! That now includes the majority of all paint projects I have ever done! I'm not kidding!! We never use anything but Purdy paint brushes at WhisperWood Cottage. Purdy is the Cadillac of paint brushes...nothing beats the quality of their products or the quality of your resulting paint job!! I must admit that I have never used Krylon spray paint, but I guarantee I will be seeking it out ASAP!! In addition to all the other amazing DIY Club Sponsors we currently have, there is no excuse not to link up your DIY project!

Get more details and link up at:

UPDATE: You can link up as many projects you long as you have not linked them up to the contest any previous months. Any and all projects that use at least sponsor product are eligible.

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  1. Great news! Are entries limited to one per blogger? Can we link the separate projects we have with the various products?


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