Friday, November 12, 2010

"Silence" Stenciled Wrapping Paper and How WhisperWood Cottage Got Its Name

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"How did WhisperWood Cottage get its name?"

That's a question that gets asked regularly here at WWC. So often, in fact, I've finally added the answer on our FAQ page. The answer is...
"Nestled away in the Northwoods of Minnesota, the trees at WhisperWood Cottage rustle and sway with the Lake Superior breeze. If you listen closely, you'll hear them whispering to each other. If you listen even more closely, you will discover they are whispering to you. What are they saying? Well, that depends on how well you listen." 
For me, the whispering trees represent the life whispers to which we need to listen. It's about trusting your own instincts, paying attention to what life is trying to teach us, and creating the life we want. They key is learning how to listen to those things.

When I saw this tree-motif wall pattern kit from Cutting Edge Stencils, aptly named "Silence," it reminded me that that the silence is just as important as the whispers. We need to learn to seek the peace, clarity, and rejuvenation that only silence can bring. With a roll of craft paper, a few tree stencils, and some soft shades of green from DecoArt, I was able to visually represent this aspect of WWC in the form of handcrafted wrapping paper. 

Each gift-giving moment will be extra special this year as I will be giving a little of myself and WWC. As the buzz of the holiday season comes upon us, this stenciled wrapping paper can help remind me to stay in touch with what is important, create meaningful experiences, express gratitude for sweet quiet moments, and reflect on what the season is all about. Throughout the holiday hubbub, I hope that you also seek the silence, listen to the whispers, and enjoy all the craziness in between!

If you'd like to learn how to make this tree-motif wrapping paper, visit me over at The DIY Club for:


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  1. Yes...we need to appreciate the silence in our lives when it comes around and not run from it. The silence (pause/rest) gives us the clarity to continue on our journey.

  2. You are absolutely right about needing "silence" to listen to the still small
    "voice/whispers" that are all around us. People may think we are "crazy", but as I sit here in silence and the sunshine streams in on me, I think of the warmth my family brings, the Light that God gives us to see the way, and the beautiful surroundings that we live in. Those to me are lifes' "whispers" :)
    Thanks for sharing your story and DIY, they are inspiring.

  3. Beautiful wrapping paper, Amy....and beautiful words!

  4. Beautiful words, pictures...your just so creative! When my kids were small we made our own wrapping paper using sponge shapes dipped in paint on mailing paper. our childred loved this fun project for several years, they are now 25 and 22.

  5. Sometimes in the silence is when we hear the most. I always liked the name of your blog, but know that I know the background story - I like it even better.
    My best - Diane

  6. God speaks to us the loudest when we are the quietest.....

    Beautiful post today - and I so enjoyed hearing how WWC was named. I can just imagine the beauty that surrounds you each and every day.... :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Lovely paper and I love that it is such a nice representation of you. I am sure the recipients of your gifts will be thrilled to recieve such a beautiful package.

  8. I love the name of your blog, and beautiful cottage!

    Your wrapping paper is inspiring!! As is everything you share through your lens...


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