Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stenciled, Wrapped, & Tagged

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I stenciled. 

I wrapped.

I ribboned & tagged.

I guess I'm all ready for the holidays. That's all I have to do, right? Right?!


You mean I'm not done?


How 'bout you?

Are you ready for gift-giving, egg nog drinking, and snow shoveling?


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  1. ahhh...have been getting ready for the holidays for the last your paper and your tags...I might almost be ready for the gift-giving and egg nog drinking, but not for the snow!
    amy of four corners design

  2. That is just so cute that I wouldn't care what was in the box! I am no where near ready. I refuse to listen to xmas music in the car yet!

  3. Love the packaging and that photo? Awesome. Lezlee

  4. You mean the tag isn't the gift?
    I think I got the egg nog drinking down!

  5. Awesome. The wrapping is so wonderful, who cares what is in the box lol. I'm getting exited about Christmas, but I will start my 30 days of Christmas after Thanksgiving. Wish we had snow-not in AL!

  6. Look at you , such the crafter. Love your paper, great job.

  7. OMG. I just bought my first gift today. For a child in the family. NO, I am no where near ready! I love that paper and it gives me inspiration to perhaps make my own this year. Will not panic.... Ann

  8. What beautiful wrapping paper! I work retail so I shop all year and really try to keep everything super simple-I don't put up a tree or any inside decorations since I'll be working so much and tired the rest of the time-but I love unique and unusual items like your paper!


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