Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weathered Candy Cane Striped Frame and the Making of a DIYer

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Wow. I must be getting crafty in my not-quite-middle age. (I can hear Cheri and my mother laughing hysterically.) While I wouldn't consider myself a "crafty" person, I've always liked art, design, and decorating. In fact, I remember winning a coloring contest in 3rd grade. It was Ms. Bran's class. We were using markers, and I was a stickler about staying in the lines. I took home the grand prize...a Strawberry Shortcake bulletin board. Awwww yeaaaah!

In high school, I traded in two math classes for two art classes my senior year. Such a great decision for me! I loved every second of them. From jewelry making and pottery to macramé, sketching, and water colors. I loved learning about architecture, too! I also designed my first logo for a local business and created a t-shirt design for a local health program that year. It was during that time that I learned I really love doing creative things.

Since then, my creative endeavors have included everything from photography, graphic design, home decorating, and DIY projects to attempts at sewing, blog development, calligraphy, and...{gulp}...even crafts. I would not consider myself an artist of any kind as I definitely have very little training in any of these areas. I guess I would say that I am a creative person and a DIYer who is always seeking out new forms of expression. I learn as I go and enjoy every step of the creative process.

This weathered wood candy cane striped frame (featuring my cutie patootie niece and nephew) is one of those project in which I had no idea what I was doing. I literally pulled out all my paints and related supplies without any specific direction. I just learned as I went and came up with what I think is a fun homage to the ever-favorite candy cane.

Do you learn as you go or 
do you stick to things that you know?


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  1. Adorable... the kids and especially the frame! Festive my friend!

  2. I definitely learn as I go...challenging ourselves is half the fun of a DIY spirit. I think your frame is precious, Amy! Thank you so much for popping in for a visit tonight. :)


  3. I definitely learn as I go! I get an idea in my head and then go about trying to accomplish it. Love your frame.

  4. Learn as I should see some of the first time I used "expanding" Gorilla Glue!ha! ;)


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