Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's My Style? Flashback to the 80s

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I was watching an episode of Giuliana & Bill on the Style Network recently. For weeks, they've been airing commercials with this woman who humorously shows us how NOT to wear a fashion trend. I wondered, "Oh, no...are they talking about me?" 

The cape trend...I don't own a cape, so I am not at risk for that one. The painted jeans? I guess that I'm safe from that one...unless they somehow got a photo of me back in junior high school (back in the stylish 1980s) when I distinctly remember having printed jeans. In fact, I'm pretty sure I wore them to my first-ever concert in 8th grade. My aunt bought me a ticket to Tina Turner for my birthday. Along with my printed jeans,  I also wore layered shirts...both with flipped up collars...a telephone cord style belt...and jelly bracelets. Add in my perm and glasses. Nothing but style here, my friend! 

Eeeesh! I apologize for putting that image in your mind! I digress. Anyway, at the end of the style trend commercial, it encourages you to go to to see how to wear the trend correctly. I've been curious about it for weeks, so I finally headed over to see what is all about.

I came across the "What's My Style Quiz." As I am a sucker for quizzes like this, I, of course, had to do it. The result? Definitely right on. Muted tones...clean lines...few accessories...little or natural-looking makeup. I do mix in a little color here and there, but overall that captures my style perfectly. Thankfully, I've come a long way since the 8th grade as far as my style choices. it comes. You know I want to know what your style is, too. If you feel so inclined, head on over to "What's My Style Quiz" then come back and tell me about your style!

P.S. I was at TJMaxx last weekend. A mother was showing her daughter a pair of leg warmers. The girl was appalled. I said, "Don't laugh. I actually wore those in high school." I did. Light pink leg warmers...with those really light washed out jeans...a matching light pink sweater...and matching light pink kitten heel pumps. By that time, I had traded the glasses in for contacts and the perm in for perfectly feathered hair. And, oh yeah, the braces had come into play then, too. Perfect for Freshman year!


  1. Love this post - It made me smile. When you know that nothing goes out of fashion faster than the latest fashion - you start becoming confident in your own style. I will have to take the quiz, but I think I already know what my style is: simple clean lines, solid colors. I will get back to you once I take the quiz.
    My best- Diane

  2. yes, I'm a sucker for such quizzes too...went to the link - and not surprised by the answer - classic style...a good pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater, basic black pumps - and clothes that you have forever...I have my staples - and I have been wearing them for 20 years - always works for me and glad that I don't have to spend time and/or energy getting dressed!
    have a wonderful weekend amy!

  3. HA! Love it!!! I was a leg warmer fan myself ;) Headed over now to take the quiz!

  4. Hee hee! I recognize all of those fashion and remember them...fondly.

  5. Hmm. Apparently, I am Cutting Edge. Huh. Who knew? I thought I was just Whatever I Grab Out Of The Closet First.

  6. Love this! I'm classic, through and through-but I think I knew this. I've gotta say though, you're descriptions of yourself reminded me an awful of me. Braces and glasses and perm and leg warmers and all-glad those days are over! We've grown up a bit :)

  7. Well, I came out as a classic. That is true to some extent but I really feel like I'm more casual. Not sure what made me list as a classic. I don't wear pumps or have vintage clothes from my grandma! lol! I sort of live in flip flops and jeans.

  8. How funny! I'm going to head right over there to take that quiz. I can remember wearing those leg warmers - in fact, they're actually making a comeback and being worn with winter boots! Ah yes...and I'm sooo glad that flared jeans complete with rips, clogs, hoop earrings, and big hair are back in style, too! It all calls to the Bobo chic in!

    xoxo laurie

  9. can i just tell you that my son's school is putting on an adults only "black and white 80's night" next weekend and we are encouraged to wear 80's styles. lucky for me my husband is the hot topic dm, and i will be sporting black leggings and boots, a black and pink lace skirt, a black "blondie rocks" tee, and the icing on the cake--- black lace fingerless gloves! i am SO excited to go and will be taking pictures, "fer sure!".

  10. My style is "au courant". Like to stay up with the current trends or even try to be ahead of them.
    I can say I never did the leg warmers. But I did do bell bottoms!! Ha!

  11. Took the quiz and it came back and said...Sorry, there is no category for "tacky"!
    P.S. I can so picture you in leg're such a "Maniac"!
    P.P.S. (Couture...;-))

  12. I ended up classic - which make sense. I like simple jewelry and lots of turtlenecks and sweaters.

    I had the printed jeans.
    And, the leg warmers.
    And, giant glasses.
    And, wore a rope as a belt.
    Yeah, I was stylin!

  13. HI again-

    I finally took the quiz, I thought for sure I would come out a classic or even casual, but I came out as au courant. It was a fun quiz to take as it has visual prompts - which made it easy to choose an item from each question.

    I also think your hubby is pretty cute helping you out in your gym :)
    My best Diane

  14. well, after seeing your post, I went and took the quiz! I'm Casual to a T, I expected that! Never been one for all the glam...too poor to keep up! And I can't seem to pull off classic, I look uncomfortable!Did the big hair, the big glass, leg warmers,and oh my word the perms! I can't believe I did too many of those!


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