Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monogrammed Wrapping for Your Holiday Gifts

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'Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la. la la la la!
Don't sit still around here! You'll end up getting gift wrapped. Right, Tanner?

Ron & I had fun preparing for our holiday guest last weekend. He did all the gift shopping and I managed the gift wrapping. Not a bad deal on my part! :)

I had an image of simple wrapping this year...using what I had on hand. I have a huuuuuge roll of brown craft paper that I picked up somewhere along my junking travels. I also have tons of twine, salvaged cloth ribbon, and bows left over from previous events. Ron and I ended up using simple letter stencils to monogram the gifts in a DecoArt color called Santa Red. Appropriate, no?

Topped off with a photo ornament and a photo postcard, this gift to my mother-in-law was ready to bring a smile to her face. And it did! She loved it!! When she saw the photo ornament, she said, "Oh, that's the wagon wheel you gave us! And that's the chair I painted!" When she saw the postcard, she passed it around saying, "That's when we went with Ronnie and Amy last summer." It made me smile to be able to capture those memories for her! :)

Do you have any unique gift wrapping ideas?


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  1. I think you made a're supposed to put the gift on the inside of the package!
    Lovely I may just....borrow!

  2. I use gift bags and stuff with colorful tissue paper. Ha!

  3. Loving your gift wrapping ideas! And the stencil is perfect!

  4. Last year I took a linen pottery barn curtain found at a thrift store and made about 20 cloth bags from it. The bags were filled with gifts and tied closed with vintage lace, twine, and topped with vintage bells, etc. They were used again this year. You can find the post titled "santa's got a brand new bag."
    No decor this year, but we are merry and bright.

  5. I have some great ideas from blogland that I want to use this year. I am very behind with wrapping. We have just finished our kitchen remodel and I posted some pics on my blog. Hopefully I will have more time to visit.



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