Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Gift Ideas for Lovers of Antique, Vintage, Flea Market & Junk Items!!

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Dreaming of Junking 2011 calendar


ITEM: Dreaming of Junking 2011 Calendar

DESCRIPTION: By Sue@Vintage Rescue Squad. Features 12 junk photos and dates of all major junk events scheduled across the country in 2011!

AMY'S REVIEW: Well, I'm a bit partial to the fabulousness of this calendar as two of my junk photos are featured. I have a couple calendars on the way to me in the mail. Perfect stocking stuffers! Having the dates of all the key junk events will come in handy for planning this year's junk adventures!!

COST: $18 (free shipping in continental U.S.) 


ITEM: Selling in Antique Mall: A Beginner's Guide

DESCRIPTION: By Inis Lovely & Sue LaLumia (Sue@Vintage Rescue Squad). A must-have for anyone who is or has thought about selling antique, vintage, or junk items! 

AMY'S REVIEW: Inis & Sue certainly filled a niche with the content of this ebook. From choosing a location to staging and pricing, the book is filled with many things that newbies and long-term vendors fail to consider. Get informed!!

COST: $9.95 (free shipping in continental U.S.) 


  1. Hey Ames....!

    I ordered my calendar the other day & CAN'T WAIT to see it as last years ROCKED BIG TIME.... :o) !! I LOVED it so much I ordered another so I could have one at home & one at work....As the months went by I removed the pages from the one at work & stuck them on the wall around my cubicle....They make me SMILE OUT LOUD every time I glance up from the monitor.... :o) !!

    I'll be ordering my copy of the Beginners Guide To Selling In An Antique Mall shortly....!!

    Hope you're week is moving along nicely....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. A Junk Calendar!! Wowzers! What a great idea!
    Thanks for the links


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