Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY Life & Home Winter Issue eZine Now Online!

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DIY Life & Home | Winter 2011 | read it online

WhisperWood Cottage contributions...
{cover design}{photos: cover, pp 3, 6, 41}{projects/tips: pp 39, 78}

Want to contribute and be featured in the ezine? See page 7!


  1. Wow, very professional. I will be back to read it in detail.

  2. Wow! There are so many great projects and ideas here. I love it! Thanks so much for providing it for all of us to read for free!

  3. Congratulations!
    I am passing on the Stylish Blog Award to you. You can check it out here:, for the rules and an icon you can copy and paste to your blog.
    Here’s what I wrote about you - Amy of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie
    She has a clean looking blog and she always comes to visit my blog when I leave a comment on hers. She's a member of the DIYClub.


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