Friday, January 7, 2011

WWC Wish List: Vintage Double Door Dental Cabinet

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Michelle from Iowa sent me this email a while back...
Hi Amy, I was just looking at your pictures of your medical cupboard and I HAVE to show you what my hubby got me! He was at a garage sale, this cupboard was $125!! Can you believe it?? I kinda have a cupboard addiction and he feeds it well:)
I met you last summer at Oronoco. You were super, super busy and getting ready for the blog party, which I had to miss.
Anyways, I thought you would enjoy this....the gentleman said it came from a dentist's office. It has cast iron legs, very, very heavy! I finally have it in it's new home (the buffet is banished to a bedroom) and am trying to decorate the shelves.
Hugs from Iowa,
Michelle, thanks for emailing me about your vintage cabinet! That is a great pick at a great price!! I'm sure the banished buffet does not mind being banished at all! You know who to contact FIRST when that cabinet needs a new home!!

I think we can all agree that Michelle scored big time! I think we can all agree that Michelle's hubby get the Junkin' Hubby of the Year Award. That's one good man!!

This piece is officially on the WhisperWood Cottage Wish List...along with a few other items. If any of you have a spare one that needs a home, you know who to contact!


Speaking of Iowa, they must have good junk there! The 1st Annual Junk Jubilee is coming up in Des Moines this April. Vendors needed!! Get more info HERE.


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  1. Hi~
    I just came across your website in the blogosphere and I'm your newest follower! What a great website and I will definitely be stopping by next week for the 1t project of the year party. I've actually already finished three projects this year, so I'm on a roll! Check out my Interior Design & Decor website, SAS Interiors @ Become a Follower & be inspired!! Thank you!!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  2. i have seen these before for thousands and i dream of one day owning a home with a big bathroom with room for a free standing cabinet as such- beautiful!!!
    i went to my local hd today and they didn't have c&b. argh!!! the search continues!

  3. What a great cabinets. I share in Cassie's dream. I can so see fluffy white towels stacked up in one. *sigh* What a great find!

  4. Oh my gosh! That dental cabinet is amazing! I so love it!! Props to hubby!!! He gets a gold star for sure!

  5. WOW, thank you for drooling all over my cupboard:)
    My hubby is awesome.....he gave me an old, very rustic farm table and a roof vent from an old chicken house for Christmas gifts! I know you all would love them too.

  6. Man oh man, Michelle's husband did good! I would have had a heart attack if Craigsmith came home with something like that for $125! I'm sure she will cherish that for years to come!


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