Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bulova Clock, Industrial Drawers & Vintage Sewing Machine in the Studio Makeover

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One of the few pieces that remained in the studio during its makeover is this 1940s vintage Bulova advertising clock. It has an aluminum case/rim and curved glass front. These advertising clocks were often imprinted with the name and contact information of various jewelry stores. This one features just the Bulova emblem.

Above is the left side of the room BEFORE the makeover. BELOW is the 8'x4' fabric-covered bulletin board that I posted last week.

I moved my metal drawer unit between the bulletin board and the window...

It is a  $20 garage sale purchase I found several years ago. Ron & I added casters to it so that I can easily move it around the house on a I often matter how small or large the furniture!

Its drawers hold various types of materials...from buttons, glues, and paintbrushes to bubble wrap, tape, and miscellaneous.

I returned the clock to its original location on this wall. The green box atop the cabinet is actually a vintage Sears portable sewing machine that belonged to my mother ever since she was a girl. It still works like a charm, and I use it when I attempt the occasional sewing project. I love its vintage green color!

If you'll look closely, you'll notice that we do NOT have baseboard trim in this room...and we haven't for about 3-4 years...since the original painting of this space. It's one of those tasks that is on the perpetual to-do, will-get-done-someday, but not-so-urgent-that-it-can't-wait list! :) Anyone else have projects like that?


  1. LOVE that metal "drawer unit"...$20, for real? You lucky girl :) And yes, our family room is minus trim too...we are planning to pull out the carpet and re-do the floors, it's been a year..glad I'm not alone :) Laurel

  2. Love this room, and the idea of casters on furniture is a need to do for me.....Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  3. I am in love with those metal drawers. I also love the idea of putting coasters on heavy items so you can move them around. Now I want to do that to my filing cabinet. Great post!

  4. Love that cabinet with so many drawers! What a find for 20.00. Perfect to display your Mom's vintage sewing machine.

  5. Love the cabinet and the clock is perfect! This side is coming together very nicely as well!

  6. I love that you use its properly!


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